Are you formerly Robert Morris Associates?


Yes, on July 11, 2000, the name of the Association changed to more accurately reflect RMA's expanding commitment to risk management best practices.

What does RMA do?

RMA was founded in 1914 to help commercial bankers make better lending decisions through the exchange of credit information. Today, RMA is the only association that specializes in promoting effective and prudent risk management practices for institutions of all sizes, across the entire financial services industry. Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, RMA has approximately 2,500 institutional members that include banks of all sizes as well as nonbank financial institutions. They are represented in the association by 18,000 risk management professionals who are chapter members in financial centers throughout North America, Europe, and Asia/Pacific.

Note: As a not-for-profit, professional association, RMA does not lobby on behalf of the industry

Product Return Policy

If you find it necessary to return a product, please ship by traceable method within 30 days of receipt to:

    The Risk Management Association
    1801 Market St, Suite 300
    Philadelphia, PA 19103

If your payment is received in currency other than U.S. dollars, and you are due a refund, you will be responsible for any foreign exchange rate difference.

What are the Internet browser requirements for viewing the website?


We recommend using Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or higher, Apple Safari 4.0 or higher, or Google Chrome to view our website.

What is RMA?

Founded in 1914, The Risk Management Association (RMA) is a not-for-profit, member-driven professional association whose sole purpose is to advance the use of sound risk principles in the financial services industry. RMA helps banking and nonbanking institutions identify and manage the impacts of credit risk, operational risk, and market risk on their businesses and customers. We achieve that through education, research, networking, and leadership opportunities.

How do I benefit from RMA membership?


Enjoy networking opportunities, a free subscription to The RMA Journal, discounts to attend frequent meetings and seminars on relevant topics, and access to peers at frequent local and national meetings. Continually improve with unique opportunities to hear the industry's top leaders and managers.

Where are you located?

1801 Market Street, Suite 300
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: 1-800-677-7621; 215-446-4000
Fax: 215-446-4101

What does it cost to join RMA?


For institutional, associate, professional and student fees click here.

How can I order RMA Journal articles?


Use our online search form (free and easy for Members) to obtain single or multiple copies of articles, as well as reprints, and accept all of the copyright and use permissions that are required. Most articles are accessible as a downloadable document.

How can I contact you?

To order and for more information about RMA's products and services, please contact RMA's Customer Care at customers@rmahq.org , or via phone at 800-677-7621.

  • For questions regarding current or new membership status, please contact RMA's Membership Department at member@rmahq.org or via phone at 800-677-7621. For information on becoming an RMA member, please review the Join RMA section of our website.
  • For questions about invoices from RMA, please contact RMA's Accounts Receivable Department at rmaar@rmahq.org.
  • For questions or comments regarding RMA's website, please contact webrequest@rmahq.org.

It is RMA's policy to respond to all communications in a timely manner. If you send an email to an RMA staff member and do not hear back in a reasonable time frame, please contact that individual by telephone. Your organization's email filters may have intercepted our response and not notified us of non-delivery.

For detailed information on our Regional Managers click here.

For detailed information on our Officers and Directors, click here.

Contact RMA by mail at:
1801 Market Street, Suite 300
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: 800-677-7621; 215-446-4000
Fax: 215-446-4101

What types of events are offered through RMA?


To see a list of RMA events, click here.

Who Can Join RMA?

The following entities are eligible for membership: banks, bank holding companies, savings banks, savings and loans, private banks, trust companies, investment banks, finance companies, economic development corporations, leasing companies, governmental agencies responsible for the supervision and regulation of RMA member institutions, and professional firms that provide services related to risk management to financial institutions. Individual membership is open to all personnel involved in lending and risk management in member organizations.

Technical Issues

How to troubleshoot problems downloading documents.
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Why do we use port 8085, over the more common ports of 80 for http or 443 for https?
We chose a private port where the Electronic Content Delivery (ECD) service could listen in to take care of the document downloads to log information. For additional support, please email webrequest@rmahq.org.


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