Academic Membership

(For Individuals from Universities, Colleges, and Business Schools)


Academic Representatives shall be those persons who meet all requirements set by the Board for such membership, who are employed by organizations and entities not eligible to be Institutional Members but who are regularly involved in instructing and advising on the mitigation of credit, operational and market risk for their own institution's curriculum. (Examples include professors, deans, teaching assistants.) Academic Representatives may participate in RMA activities appropriate to their interest and expertise.

RMA is an association of leaders in commercial lending, credit, market and operational risk management, and the professionals who serve the financial services industry. Our purpose is to help highly successful professionals make better management decisions. By sharing the latest techniques through our chapter meetings, conferences, and seminars, we provide unique opportunities for you to hear from the industry's best risk managers. Our publications and information services keep financial professionals like you up to date on important issues.


  • The RMA Journal® 10 times a year with updates on the latest RMA risk management tools and research. In addition, the online Journal is available 24/7 to easily find content, archive articles, and contact RMA authors and advertisersat no additional cost.
  • Downloadable RMA Journal articles and Study Packs at no cost.
  • Substantial member discounts on all RMA products and services.
  • Key studies on important banking issues like: risk appetite, CRE loan workouts, ALLL, stress testing, and the 2009 RMA/AFS State of Enterprise Data to Support Credit Risk Management.
  • Recorded Web seminars and audio conferences on today's most important issues.
  • Accounting Roundup updates
  • Regulatory updates

Membership Dues
RMA membership is cost effective: only $175 per individual each year. (Most local chapters also charge a fee for chapter membership which is not included in this fee.)

Academic Dues Proration Scale
The RMA fiscal year is September 1 through August 31. The dues for members joining RMA are prorated in equal twelfths from September 1 through April 30. From May 1, prorated dues for the current fiscal year AND full dues for the upcoming fiscal year will be charged. Dues are not transferable and are not refundable. Membership takes effect upon payment of dues. Pay the following amount if you submit your application during the month of:

September Pay $175.00 12 months of membership
October Pay $160.42 11 months of membership
November Pay $145.83 10 months of membership
December Pay $131.25 9 months of membership
January Pay $116.67 8 months of membership
February Pay $102.08 7 months of membership
March Pay $87.50 6 months of membership
April Pay $72.92 5 months of membership
May Pay $58.33 4 months of membership
June Pay $218.75 15 months of membership
July Pay $204.17 14 months of membership
August Pay $189.58 13 months of membership



RMA has a policy that Academic members may access only the contact information on other Academic members via the RMA website.

The policy was developed after careful consideration regarding the privacy of our members. We have repeatedly received direct feedback from Associate members that they do not wish their contact information made available to other segments of our membership. Of course, RMA never rents or sells our membership file to any outside organizations either.

We understand the desire of all members to take advantage of their membership in RMA for networking purposes. Chapter meetings are an effective way to network with other RMA members in your community.

We hope you understand our need to respect the privacy wishes of our members.


Membership Applications
Ways to join:

Log in or register on the website by creating an account. Then complete the online application process.

Fax your application (PDF) with your credit card number to RMA at 215-446-4100. Please call RMA 24 hours after faxing to confirm.

Send your application (PDF) with your check or credit card information to

RMA Member Services
1801 Market Street, Suite 300
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Contact Membership Department
Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET
Phone: 800-677-7621, press 1