Associate Membership

Why Being a Member Is So Important…Especially Now
With membership in RMA, risk management professionals benefit from the member-driven resources and industry information essential for managing today’s economic challenges.

Opportunities To Shine
In addition to a free subscription to The RMA Journal® and discounts on all RMA events, products, services, and training, membership also provides countless networking opportunities and exposure to the industry's key decision makers and managers. RMA’s local and national events keep you up to date on industry trends and issues while allowing you to meet new people and swap successes with peers.

Becoming a member also gives you a voice in the industry. A forum to share your ideas and have them valued is extremely satisfying and beneficial for your professional growth.

All The Benefits of Membership:

  • The Members Forum on the RMA Xchange provides unlimited opportunities to connect with over 16,000 RMA members in an exclusive online community.
  • Exclusive regulatory updates from RMA’s own Washington, D.C. insider.
  • Access to over 16,000 Associate members through our online Member Roster.
  • Access to our Professional Members Directory giving you access to the essential services you need.
  • Discounts on regulatory events like our Audio Conference Series.
  • Career development/leadership and networking opportunities.
  • Subscription to The RMA Journal® (published 10 times a year).
  • Discounts on all events, products, services, and training.
  • Free downloads of RMA Journal articles and Industry Study Packs.
  • Updates on industry best practices.

To be eligible for associate membership, you must be employed by an institution who is an institutional member of RMA.

RMA membership is cost effective. At only $75, it is one of the lowest-cost financial association memberships. (Some local chapters also charge a fee for chapter membership which is not included in this fee.)

Associate Dues Proration Scale
Dues are not transferable or refundable. Pay the following amount if you submit your application during the month of:

Month Price Month of membership
September $75.00 12 months of membership
October $68.75 11 months of membership
November $62.50 10 months of membership
December $56.25 9 months of membership
January $50.00 8 months of membership
February $43.75 7 months of membership
March $37.50 6 months of membership
April $31.25 5 months of membership
May $25.00 4 months of membership
June $93.75 15 months of membership
July $87.50 14 months of membership
August $81.25 13 months of membership


Senior Associate
The Senior Associate is our primary contact, and the key to the continuous support of RMA objectives and activities. Where practical, your institution should appoint, as its Senior Associate, the senior risk management officer, the chief executive officer, or individuals having significant management responsibility. The Senior Associate should 1) participate in Headquarters’ and local chapter activities; 2) be responsible for disseminating educational materials and notices of RMA activities to the proper people within the institution; 3) oversee the institution’s participation in RMA surveys, studies, and competitions, including RMA’s Annual Statement Studies program and its other periodic data gathering and market-research surveys; and 4) cast the institution’s vote in RMA matters and be known throughout the institution as its spokesperson in RMA matters.

Alternate Associate
The Alternate Associate temporarily assumes the responsibilities of the Senior Associate if that position becomes vacant. This person should be of senior stature.

Individuals from RMA member institutions who wish to join RMA and are engaged in risk management activities.


Membership Applications
Ways to join:

Log in or register on the website by creating an account. Then complete the online application process.

Fax your application (PDF) with your credit card number to RMA at 215-446-4100. Please call RMA 24 hours after faxing to confirm.

Send your application (PDF) with your check or credit card information to

RMA Member Services
1801 Market Street, Suite 300
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Contact Membership Department
Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET
Phone: 800-677-7621, press 1