Student Membership

Student Membership is free to qualified individuals

All The Benefits of Membership
By joining RMA today, you will have countless opportunities to enhance your knowledge of the financial services industry and the people who work in it. RMA's local chapter events are an excellent way for you to become involved, and local chapter dues are waived for Student Members.

Your Student Membership Entitles You to:
Networking time with risk management professionals

By attending meetings and seminars of your local RMA chapter, you will meet risk management professionals of all levels and have the opportunity to learn from their experiences and insights.

Opportunities to learn practical skills
Is banking the field for you? Or does some other aspect of business hold more appeal? Here is a chance to find out and learn practical skills, such as statement spreading, which will give you valuable hands-on experience.

Access to Members Only information on RMA's website

  • A digital subscription to the RMA Journal: an award-winning monthly publication with articles from leading practitioners in the risk management field.
  • Leading research: results from RMA's surveys and other studies on best practices in risk management.
  • Regulatory news: the latest regulatory developments affecting the financial services industry.
  • Industry studies packs: compilations of articles, by subject, that are useful for students and researchers alike.
  • Member roster: contact information for RMA members around the globe.

The Members Forum on the RMA Xchange
The forum provides unlimited opportunities to connect with over 18,000 RMA members in an exclusive online community.

Special discounts on

  • RMA products and publications.
  • RMA seminars and local chapter events.

Post-graduation perk
Your student membership continues through your graduation date and up to a year after that date. Membership will renew automatically until one year after your graduation date.

A candidate for membership must be a full-time student (not currently employed full time) and be enrolled within a major associated with risk management (banking, business, management, administration, finance, or accounting). Undergraduate freshmen are excluded from membership. All other undergraduate and graduate-level students are eligible. Once individuals graduate and become employed in the risk management industry, their membership will convert to the appropriate membership based on place of employment.


Membership Applications
Ways to join:

Log in or register on the website by creating an account. Then complete the online application process.

Fax your application (PDF) with your credit card number to RMA at 215-446-4100. Please call RMA 24 hours after faxing to confirm.

Send your application (PDF) with your check or credit card information to

RMA Member Services
1801 Market Street, Suite 300
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Contact Membership Department
Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET
Phone: 800-677-7621, press 1