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Keep The RMA Journal at your fingertips on your smart phone or tablet with our new app. The RMA Journal app provides award-winning RMA Journal content wherever you are in a format that’s convenient and easy to read. Using the app, you can save articles for future reference and you can modify format and type size for your reading comfort.

Connect with The RMA Journal on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android smart phone and tablet, or Kindle Fire.

Visit the AmazonApple, or Google app stores and download The RMA Journal app today!

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Stay connected with the RMA App   

Take RMA with you whether you’re in the office, meeting with colleagues, or traveling on business. The RMA universal, cross-platform app is for members and customers of The Risk Management Association (RMA) and runs on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android devices.

Our app gives you instant access to timely RMA news and events, the ability to find other RMA members, and view and update your RMA profile. Visit your online app store to get the app today and start accessing all of the following features:

EVENT SEARCH: Find enterprise, credit, market, and operational risk events, such as the Annual Risk Management Conference. See event schedules and conference site floor plans to help you plan your agenda.
DIRECTORY: Access contact information for other RMA members. Search by keyword (last name, city, or bank).
RMA NEWS: Stay apprised of the latest RMA news via Twitter and the RMA Blog.
MY PROFILE: View and update your RMA profile, add a photo, and store your contact information.
ABOUT RMA: Find out who RMA is and what we do, access our website (www.rmahq.org), or send us an email. Plus, see what RMA is talking about on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.
CONTACT RMA: Get fast and easy access to important RMA contact info, including regional managers, Customer Care, etc.

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