Emmanuel Andrew Machena

Hear from a recent RMA Scholar Emmanuel Andrew Machena as he discusses his interest in banking and what it meant for him to win an RMA scholarship.       

Hometown: Kalamazoo, Michigan

School: Western Michigan University

Class: Senior

What led you to focus on banking as a career choice?

I have a passion for making people's lives better by creating real opportunities that scale beyond their own dreams. From the average family starting a business to the largest corporations on the planet that employ thousands of people everyday banking decisions give me the opportunity to impact the world in a significant and profound way.

Why was the scholarship important to you?

This scholarship has allowed me to focus on my dreams and goals without worrying about the high expenses of college. This amazing opportunity to study for a degree is not easy, and it is great knowing that there are organizations such as RMA that are empowering passionate students to follow their dreams and one day influence the banking industry. I am overjoyed that RMA has seen my potential. I look forward to paying this scholarship forward.

Why are banks important to business, families, and communities?

Banks sit at the center of all economies and markets, driving growth and creating industries that have sustained many civilizations, as well as all the institutions we have today. Recent literature has suggested that government has failed, thus, I believe that now more than ever, banking is the leading tool to meaningfully eradicate poverty and empower people and their communities around the world. The world needs less aid but more sustainable funding, and banking provides just that through lending—which in turn grows corporation and businesses that provide jobs, enabling communities to become self-reliant and prosperous.

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