RMA Events & Training

RMA provides quality education and information to advance sound risk principles in the financial services industry. Rebranded under the name RMA University, all of our training offerings—from traditional classroom training to online learning resources—can be found within this section.

You can search for events and training within three categories:

  • Insight (risk discipline, i.e., credit risk, operational risk, market risk, etc.)
  • Topic (subject matter, i.e., accounting, cash flow analysis, etc.)
  • Type (event or training method, i.e., audio conference, conference, etc.)

If you're unsure which category to search for your event or training, simply click Event Search and enter your search criteria.

To help you get started, information about each of the disciplines and event types follows. (Click on each heading below for a complete list of all events within that insight.)

Enterprise Risk
The ERM framework is designed to support the depth and breadth of activities by providing a structured approach for identifying, measuring, controlling, and reporting on the significant risks faced by an organization.

Credit Risk
As the premier provider of commercial credit education and information, RMA offers the majority of its events in the credit risk discipline. We recognize that managing credit risk is essential to enterprise-wide risk management, so we offer products and services to institutions and individuals involved in retail, commercial, and corporate credit risk.

Market Risk
RMA serves market risk practitioners at both the larger-institution (where market risk management and its related technologies are well known and mature) and smaller-institution levels (where the market risk function is part of the asset/liability management process.

Operational Risk
RMA has been at the forefront of the development of the operational risk discipline since 2003, providing peer sharing, professional development and networking opportunities for our members through discussion groups, conferences, round tables, classroom training, and Web seminars.

Regulatory Compliance
With a finger on the pulse of the financial services industry, RMA acts as a liaison between institutions and bank regulatory agencies to bring you the latest updates, meeting often with industry regulators to discuss issues of mutual concern.

Securities Lending
Securities Lending provides products and services to RMA member institutions involved in agent lending functions within the securities lending industry. We host several round table peer-sharing events, two major conferences, three industry training programs, and one major forum.

Each discipline includes the following types of events and training:

  • Audio Conferences
    Lasting 60 minutes, each audio conference starts with a panel of experts or expert practitioner discussing the featured hot topic. Each concludes with questions and answers, your comments, and a lively discussion among participants.
  • Conferences
    RMA hosts several major conferences each year bringing together financial professionals from all risk disciplines to hear insights from industry experts and share ideas with their peers.
  • Open Enrollment Courses
    RMA offers a vast array of traditional classroom courses and online courses within each insight.
  • Custom Solutions
    RMA offers off-the-shelf courses that you can use at your institution wherever and whenever you choose. We also offer custom-designed solutions—on-site courses tailored to meet the unique needs of your institution. Both options require no travel—saving you time and money.
  • Forums
    RMA offers several forums each year on specific topics such as Health Care Lending and Operational Risk. The forums are comprised of lecture from industry practitioners and opportunities for peer sharing.
  • Round Tables
    Each year, RMA sponsors round tables throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia, bringing together small groups of executives with a common interest in particular issues and providing an informal opportunity for sharing ideas.
  • Web Seminars
    Our Web seminars provide learning opportunities viewed via a Web browser at your convenience. Gather as many people around a computer as you would like and pay one affordable price.