Events & Training By Topic

Courses that touch upon accounting principles include the RMA Commercial Lending School and Cash Flow Analysis I: UCA Fundamentals.

Cash Flow Analysis
Courses include Global Cash Flow, Cash Flow Analysis I & II, and Cash Flow Refresher for Experienced Bankers, to name a few.

Commercial Lending
Courses include Analyzing the Commercial Borrower's Industry, Market, and Competitive Risk and Commercial Credit for Lenders, to name a few.

Credit Analytics
Courses include Credit Trends in Commercial Lending and Retail Lending: Forecasting, Stress-Testing, and Capital; to name a few.

Executive Education
RMA offers an extensive suite of advanced programs for high-potential executives, including The RMA/Wharton Advanced Risk Management Program and The RMA/Wharton Risk Management and Governance Program for Board Directors of Financial Institutions.

General Risk Management 
Courses include Business Writing for Bankers and 360° Negotiation Skills for Bankers.

Loan Review
Courses include the Loan Review Department Managers Forum, and the RMA Commercial Lending School.

Loan Structuring
Courses include Commercial Loan Documentation, Structuring Commercial Loans I & II, and Understanding Your Middle Market Customer: Transaction Structuring.

Problem Loans
Courses include Credit Cycle Management, Detecting Problem Loans, and Problem Loan Workouts.

Real Estate
Courses include Advance Real Estate Cash Flow and Valuation, Problem Real Estate Loans, the Real Estate Appraisals Managers Forum, and the Real Estate Lending Academy.

Specialized Lending
Courses include Agricultural Credit Analysis, Health Care Lending Forum, Lending to Municipalities, and Lending to Medical and Dental Practices, to name a few.