RMA conferences and forums present relevant information to help you make smarter decisions in your job. Recognized industry leaders address the conferences and forums, offering insights into current trends and best practices. Many conferences, such as the Risk Management Conference, also offer programs in specialized tracks so that you get information specifically geared to your interests. 

Each year, RMA holds more than 50 round tables in North America, Europe, and Asia, allowing senior executives to discuss a wide range of industry issues. These events bring together small groups of senior bankers who have common interests in a particular issue.

Open enrollment courses are open to anyone and are available across multiple disciplines of risk: Credit, Market, Operational and Securities Lending. 

RMA delivers the best financial services training available—and you can have it right at your institution. Most of our courses can be delivered to your employees wherever and whenever you choose.  On-site courses can be tailored to meet your immediate needs.  No travel is involved, saving time and money. For more information contact the Regional Manager for your area.

Recorded Web seminars are Web-delivered, informational learning opportunities that offer several advantages over traditional classroom courses.

Thousands of lending and credit risk management professionals take advantage of RMA's audio-conference series. Each audio-conference runs only one hour. During that hour some of the most respected names in our business will share their experiences on smarter and more productive lending.

Online Resources

Found within the RMA Uiversity Online portal, eMentor is RMA's Web-based, comprehensive knowledge management tool for the financial services industry. Continually updated with new information, eMentor is the first integrated source of information on credit and lending processes, concepts, and practices. eMentor also provides invaluable information about specific industries.

RMA University Online offers award-winning Web-based training. Our expanding suite of online courses provides credit and lending professionals with the skills needed to grow into seasoned industry experts. Courses currently include The Lending Decision Process, The Small Business Lending Decision Process, The Commercial Real Estate Lending Decision Process, Commercial Loan Documentation, Structuring Commercial Loans, and Ethics and Commercial Lending.

RMA’s eStatement Studies is the only source of comparative data that comes directly from the financial statements of small and medium-size business customers of RMA’s member institutions. You’ll find everything you’ve come to rely on in the two-volume set (Financial Ratio Benchmarks and Industry Default Probabilities and Cash Flow Measures) along with the added ease and flexibility of 24/7 online access.

RMA's Diagnostic Assessments (C&I and CRE) are specifically designed to assess the skill levels of your commercial lending and credit personnel. The assessments will help you determine what training, if any, is required to bring personnel up to prescribed levels of knowledge. They help develop an efficient and effective use of your training resources and contribute to your bank’s profitability and productivity by targeting limited training dollars in the most needed areas.