Highlights from the webinar, “Understanding the Boundaries Between Credit Risk and Operational Risk"

Eric Holmquist, managing director, Accume Partners, provides an overview of his webinar, “Understanding the Boundaries Between Credit Risk and Operational Risk.” If you would like to hear the webinar in its entirety, click here.

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Interest Rate Risk in Community Banks

RMA Regulatory Relations Liaison Bernard Mason provides an overview of the OCC’s Semiannual Risk Perspective, issued in December 2014.

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FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment

RMA Regulatory Relations Liaison Bernard Mason discusses the results of the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council’s (FFIEC) cybersecurity assessment conducted by its member agencies—FDIC, OCC, and Federal Reserve.

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RMA Third-Party/Vendor Risk Management Survey

Stephen Krasowski, contributing editor for The RMA Journal, discusses the results of the RMA Third-Party/Vendor Risk Management survey.

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Highlights from Gruenberg Speech

RMA Regulatory Relations Liaison Bernard Mason provides an overview of a speech given by FDIC Chairman Martin Gruenberg on interest rate risk, credit risk & loan growth, and cyber security.

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The RMA Journal: Special Centennial Section

Stephen Krasowski, contributing editor for The RMA Journal, talks about the special centennial section in the December/January issue of The RMA Journal.

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Collateral Valuation and Appraisal Management

RMA’s Regulatory Relations Liaison Bernard Mason reports on supervisory concerns surrounding collateral valuation and appraisal management in banks.

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Strong Risk Management

In today’s heightened regulatory environment it is important for your organization to move from a satisfactory risk management program to a strong one. Kathleen A. Flannery, SVP & Chief Risk Policy Officer, PNC, discusses her organization’s process to strengthen their risk management program. According to Flannery to be “strong” an organization needs a strong risk culture and an influential and highly effective risk management organization.

Flannery is an Associate member of RMA and a member of RMA’s ERM Council. The RMA ERM Council recently developed a risk appetite workbook which provides meaningful content and a practical approach for financial institutions to clearly articulate the types of risks they want to own or mitigate.   

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Enterprise Risk Management and Governance

Edward P. Schreiber, Managing Director, Alvarez & Marsal Financial Industry Regulatory Services, discusses the critical areas surrounding enterprise risk management and governance.  Schreiber will highlights what you should have in place from a governance standpoint: a well-established governance program be put in place by the board which prescribes independence, for reporting, by the ERM function; and that the reporting is in line with the bank's complexity and/or size.

Schreiber is a member of RMA's ERM Council.

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Scenario Analysis and Stress Testing

Bill Nayda, Ph.D., Co-founder and principal of Second Pillar Consulting (SPC), describes how scenario analysis and stress testing lay the foundation for a well-functioning ERM program.

Nayda refers to the Scenario Analysis and Stress Testing for Workbook for Community Banks as a helpful tool in providing steps on how to start a stress testing program and how to use and measure results. 

Second Pillar Consulting developed and teaches RMA's ERM for Community Banks

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