Chapter FAQs

How do chapter leaders get membership kits?


You can contact Allison Neff at 215-446-4053 or for the Central, Northeast and Southeast Regions or Nicole Gentile at 215-446-4018 or for the Southern and Western Regions to request kits that include updated information about RMA, membership applications, and a sample issue of the Journal. You can request kits for individuals, institutions, and professional service firms and other non-bank entities.

How do I become an RMA member?

You can sign up for membership using the RMA website or you can request an application by calling or emailing RMA Member Services. The annual fee for individuals who are currently in the employ of RMA member institutions is $75 per year. Chapters often charge nominal local dues as well. Nonbankers who are interested in joining RMA can contact the Member Services area to request an application for membership. Institutions that are interested in finding out more about the benefits of RMA membership are encouraged to contact Regional Manager for their area.

I'm responsible for running the Article Writing Competition in my chapter. What information do I need?

You should request a kit from Anna Shuman at 1-215-446-4051 or You can also obtain a kit on our website by checking the Chapter Competition/Award Submission Information section of the Chapter Resources page.

We have not yet received our royalty for a cosponsored open enrollment. How can I follow up?

You can contact Terri Garner at RMA at 1-215-446-4015 or She can advise you of the status of your royalty payment. Normally, royalties are paid six to eight weeks after the event has been held.

How do I get information on using a paid, part-time administrator?

Many chapters currently use part-time administrators to handle a variety of administrative tasks. Some chapters have found administrators invaluable in maintaining the chapter's database, handling routine communication, overseeing the dues collection process, and handling meeting logistics. If you would like to find out more information about using part-time administrators, please contact the Regional Manager for your area.

How do chapter leaders get an updated list of individual members?

Contact Allison Neff at 215-446-4053 for the Central, Northeast, and Southeast Regions or Nicole Gentile at 215-446-4018 for the Southern and Western Regions and request an updated list. We can send you, via email, an electronic file that includes all of the individuals who are currently Associates. An authorized chapter representative can also download this information from the Chapter Member Roster online on RMA's website. More information about the Chapter Member Roster online can be accessed on the website.

How do I sign up for a chapter program?

It depends on the type of program that interests you. Educational programs that are cosponsored by chapters and RMA HQ can be found through Events Search. If you are interested in a local meeting (a general membership meeting or local round table or seminar), use the Chapter Locator to find contact information and sign up through the chapter directly.

How do I update my individual RMA record?

  • Phone: 1-800-677-7621
  • Fax: 1-215-446-4100
  • Email:  
  • Online: Click on the "member/customer login" button at the top of any Web page. Then select "View Profile."

How can I order gifts for officers of the chapter or for speakers?

There are many gift items that include an RMA logo on the RMA Company Store Web page in the Chapter Resources section of the site.

How do I contact the chapter leaders in my area?


Use the chapter locator to find the name of the key chapter contact in your area. Feel free to contact that individual to get more information about chapter events.

When and where is the RMA Chapter Leaders Conference?

Information about the Chapter Leaders Conference is available through the Chapters Unit in Philadelphia, your regional manager, or on the Chapters section of the website.

Which chapter would I join?


You can use the chapter locator to find out which chapters are closest to you. If you have a question about which one would be the most appropriate for you, please contact the Regional Manager for your area.

Who at RMA HQ should I contact about a particular problem?

If you have a question about RMA, please contact the Regional Manager in your area.

My chapter is interested in sponsoring some educational programs. How do I go about doing that?


RMA chapters sponsor over 300 open enrollment sessions each year. You can contact your Regional Manager to get ideas about what types of programs have been successful in your area in the past and also what programs might appeal to your chapter audience.

How can my chapter set up a website?

RMA will construct and maintain individual chapter websites at the chapter's request. Through this joint effort, we will expand the image and vision of RMA with a consistent branded design. Chapters will have an updated, professional way to communicate with members and prospective members.

It will be easy to get your site up and running and even easier to keep it updated. You can manage the maintenance of your site or ask RMA to manage it for you. If you choose to have RMA manage your site, all you need to do is appoint a person(s) to tell us what information you want posted.

If you are interested in creating a website for your RMA chapter, please contact your Regional Manager.