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Current News and Events

The RMA in Europe

In the United States and Canada the RMA is a household name in the banking industry - indeed this is the association's centenary year. In the risk management arena, we are the premier organisation for training, roundtables, conferences, and peer sharing.

Building upon our considerable success in North America we are expanding our offerings in Europe, focussing on open enrolment courses, programmes for future leaders and invitation-only roundtables where senior bankers can share their thoughts with their peers on key aspects of risk management which are of significance to all.

RMA Workshops Held in Conjunction with the British Bankers' Association (BBA)

The BBA is based in the heart of the City of London. It is the UK's leading association for the banking and financial services sector, representing the interests of more than 240 member organisations with a worldwide presence in 180 countries. The RMA is one of the BBA's leading providers of risk management training. In 2014, we will once again be offering a number of workshops at introductory, intermediate, and advanced level on key risk management topics.

Here is our 2014 workshop schedule at the BBA:

Date  Workshop Title Duration
22 Oct Advanced Retail Lending Analytics 1 Day
31 Oct Basel III 1 Day
10/11 Nov Stress Testing & Scenario Analysis 2 Days
5 Dec Introduction to Operational Risk 1 Day

These workshops will all be conducted by highly experienced RMA trainers.

For full details on what these workshops cover and how to enrol please visit the BBA website.

The 2015 RMA/Cass Advanced Risk Management Programme

The 2015 RMA/Cass Advanced Risk Management Programme, led by the faculty at Cass, one of the UK's top business schools, is a one week programme for senior risk practitioners which exposes participants to a rigorous, yet inspiring blend of theory, practice, and cutting edge-research, instilling knowledge and skills applicable to the real world of global business. It takes place in London on 23-27 February 2015.

The programme's focus is as follows:

    – Risk management as a strategic competitive strength
    – An integrated approach to risk management
    – Fostering a culture and climate that openly communicates risk
    – A framework for rapidly responding to known risks and unraveling the complexities of the unknown
    – A focus on risk informed by global perspectives
    – Gaining a perspective on risk management and its implications for corporate governance

This programme is designed for participants who work in the financial sector in the UK, the EMEA Region or Asia and are senior risk practitioners or business-line executives on track for broader assignments within their organisation.

It is also considered suitable for independent non-executive directors of financial sector firms.

For full details please visit the RMA/Cass Advanced Risk Management Programme website.

RMA Roundtables in Europe
Each year we hold a number of invitation-only roundtables in Europe for senior risk management executives in the banking sector. These events are moderated by the RMA, have carefully constructed agendas, are subject to Chatham House Rules and involve no more than 20 invited participants.

Our forthcoming roundtables are as follows:

    –European Credit and Risk Management Roundtable – November 11 & 12, 2014 (at State Street,
      Canary Wharf, London)
    –Market and Counterparty Risk Roundtable – November 19, 2014 (at UBS, London)
    –Sovereign Risk Roundtable – November 20, 2014 (at UBS, London)

Should you require any information about these roundtables, please email the RMA's European representative, Steve Shaw, who will be pleased to provide this.

In-House Training/Workshops for Financial Institutions
In the United States and Canada, the RMA runs a considerable number of programmes of various types for financial industry audiences. While fully recognising that our U.S. and Canadian programmes are not always suitable for European audiences, there are many which are, and we are sometimes able to tailor these accordingly. In 2013, we ran a very successful Basel III workshop for bankers and regulators in Beirut, Lebanon at the request of PricewaterhouseCoopers, the professional services firm.
If you are interested in having the RMA provide in-house training/workshops in Europe please contact Steve Shaw and tell him what you are looking for. He will be pleased to discuss this with you and see how we may be able to assist.

Industry Surveys
The RMA is very active in the arena of financial industry surveys on topics of broad importance and significance to industry participants. These surveys are among the most in-depth available and we are proud that we are consistently able to have the world's leading banks take part.
During 2014, details about the surveys we are running will be published here.

For the following types of enquiry please contact our senior European representative (see contact details below):

      – Details about forthcoming RMA events in Europe (roundtables, RMA workshops at the BBA,
         executive education programmes run in conjunction with Cass).
      – In-house training opportunities.
      – Media partnerships
      – Advertising in or submitting editorial for our monthly in-house publication The RMA Journal.

Note: all RMA membership enquiries should be directed to RMA Member Services in Philadelphia, U.S.A. as follows:
By phone: 215-446-4150
By fax: 215-446-4100
By email: member@rmahq.org

Our senior representative in Europe is:

Steve Shaw
Senior Regional Consultant, Europe
The Risk Management Association
27 Old Gloucester Street
mobile: +44 (0) 7720 242942
office:   +44 (0) 1732 463875
email: sshaw@rmahq.org