Credit Skills Certificate Series

Chart Your Path for Professional Success with RMA University

With RMA University, credit and lending professionals like yourself can follow a natural progression of courses that will help you grow into a seasoned industry expert. As a result, your employer knows that you can not only make sound credit and lending decisions, but can also understand the thinking behind the numbers.

Created at the request of our members, RMA University’s Credit Skills Certificate Series provides professional validation as you progress through the various courses that lay the foundation for your career.

Why now?

The industry has changed. Confirming your skill-set, demonstrating your commitment to the profession, and enhancing your personal performance are now considered essential for sustaining your career.

The benefits of participation and successful completion include:

  • Formal validation of your credit and lending skills.
  • Assurance that the skills you’re learning have been vetted by experienced commercial credit and lending professionals so you’re getting the most value for your time and money.
  • Easy-to-follow program – the courses and levels are clearly outlined.
  • Demonstrated readiness to assume ever-increasing levels of responsibility.
  • Enhanced self confidence.
  • Distinction of being among the best. This is the credit and lending profession's Certificate Series.

The Certificate Series consists of three levels of incremental accomplishments–beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The advanced level is broken out into two tracks. Each level’s curriculum includes both online and traditional classroom courses, outlined as follows:

CSI: Introductory Credit Risk and Lending (Passing Level I is not necessary in order to begin Level II.)

CSII: Intermediate Credit Risk and Lending (Passing Level II is not necessary in order to begin Level III.)

CSIII: Advanced Credit Risk and Lending

Track One: Advanced Real Estate

Track Two: Advanced Credit and Lending

Achievement of the Certificate Series (any and all levels) can take as long as you wish. However, the nature of the curriculum indicates that you should pass all relevant course exams within five years; and most likely three years. You will earn one free year of RMA Associate membership after completing each level.

Upon completion of the Certificate Series, you can continue your RMA University education. RMA University can strengthen your professional skills so that you can earn your Credit Risk Certification (CRC), a designation that validates your knowledge, skills, and abilities as a result of at least five years in the credit and lending industry.

Simply explained, the Certificate Series is similar to earning your Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Sciences degree from a college or university, while the CRC designation can be likened to earning a CPA. However, you are not required to pass any, or all, of the Certificate Series levels in order to apply for the CRC examination.

We invite you to look over the Credit Skills Certificate Series brochure (PDF). For more information about the Credit Skills Certificate Series, contact us via e-mail at

If you have any questions or concerns, please review the Credit Skills Certificate Series Frequently Asked Questions.