Tools & Publications

Tap into the most advanced thinking in the disciplines of credit, market, and operational risk management with our state-of-the-art tools and award-winning publications. Developed by leading risk practitioners, RMA’s resources help institutions like yours manage risk through ever-changing market conditions.


Diagnostic Assessments
Are you confident that the credit skills of our staff pass muster in this environment? Are you wondering how to assess the skill level of your staff?  Are you making the most of your training resources? Is your staff receiving appropriate training for their skill level? RMA's Diagnostic Assessments can help you find out. Learn more.

Make smarter, faster credit and lending decisons and stay ahead of your competition with eMentor®, a comprehensive market intelligence tool at your fingertips any time you need it. Learn more.

Risk Analysis Service
The Risk Analysis Service offers a never-before-available look at the performance and composition of portfolio risk by analyzing the participating institution's commercial loan information and reporting on its risk profile, as well as how it compares to the industry.  The service provides information used for risk self-assessment purposes by exposing segments of the portfolio where excessive risk is occurring. Designed primarily to enhance sound risk management practices wihtin the industry by providing consistently prepared, industry-standard benchmarks, the service helps both line and risk managers meet stringent new reporting requirements.  Learn more.

eStatement Studies
When you are looking for comparative data on buisnesses, there are plenty of choices.  But when it comes to picking the most recent, objective and consistently reliable source, you options narrow considerably. In fact, there is only one source of data that meets all these criteria: RMA's eStatement StudiesLearn more.

Recorded Web Seminars
Make the most efficient use of you training dollars by registering for RMA Web seminars on demand. Unlike traditional, classroom training courses, our Web semianrs are informational learning opportunities viewed via a Web browser at your convenience.  Gather as many people around a computer as you would like and pay one affordable price.  Learn more.


The RMA Journal®
The RMA Journal is the only professional journal written by risk practitioners for risk practitioners.  This award-winning Journal is published 10 itmes a year and gives you practical advice on managing risk across the enterprise. Learn more.

Annual Statement Studies®
RMA's Annual Statement Studies, first published in 1919 as The Study of Barometric, is the only source of comparative data that comes directly from financial statement of the small- and medium-sized busienss customers of RMA's member institutions.  Learn more.

Industry Study Packs
The Industry Studies Packs include highly focused compilations addressing critical issues in credti irsk, operational risk, and market risk.  Some p acks offer the actual experiences of lenders who have made loans, good and bad, to specific industries, such as Automobile Dealers, Commercial Real Estate, Health Care, Physicians, and Small Business to name a few.  These practical lessons learned from the experiences of you fellow loan officers can help you structure a loan safely and profitably--and avoid any hidden pitfalls that could mean a costly carge-off.  Learn more

Self Study Materials
RMA offers self-study courses in several methods of delivery: recorded web seminars, recorded audio conferences, paper-based, and through RMA University Online.  RMA's self-study format is designed to reduce training time and expenses by allowing users to master critical skills wihout leaving the office.  Learn more.

Risk Appetite Workbook
The Risk Appetite Workbook is a practical guide to understanding and developing a risk appetite statement that is appropriate for your bank. You will learn about the vital linkage between the bank's activities and the amount and type of risk that the bank is willing to accept as it strives to deliver on its mission and business plans.  You will see how traditional functions like credit origination and limit setting fit within the risk appetite framework. Learn more.