September 2014

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Featured in this issue

The Role of Risk Management Is Growing

From heightened regulatory expectations and changing technology to the need for specialization, says new RMA Chair Nancy Foster, the demands on the risk function are intensifying. In this interview with RMA President and CEO Bill Githens, Foster says RMA remains integral to institutions of all sizes more than a century after its founding.(p.12)

Creating a Culture That Envelops Your Risk Appetite

As part of RMA's continuing mission to help banks along their enterprise risk management journeys, The RMA Journal is interviewing board members of banks that are represented on RMA's ERM Council. In this interview, Thomas Skains discusses how BB&T Corporation has managed its risk appetite through its vision, mission, and values.(p.38)

Leasehold Interest Financing Considerations

The complexity of leasehold analysis can cause risks to be overlooked. Here are some tips on how to finance a leasehold estate prudently and profitably. (p.52)

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