May 2014

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Featured in this issue

Helping Others Find Their Paths to Success through ERM

In this new series, The RMA Journal is interviewing board members of banks that are represented on RMA's ERM Council. In this first interview, John Frank of First United Bank in Oklahoma emphasizes how a well-functioning ERM framework enables a bank to better serve its stakholders. (p.12)

Operational Risk Management: Getting to Strong

RMA and KPMG LLP teamed to conduct the Operational Risk Management Excellence "Get to Strong" Survey. The objective: Provide insights into leading industry ORM Practices, and Help participants optimize their ORM Frameworks, enhance risk management, and gauge their positioning against evolving industry practices. (p.24)

The Learning Curve and Construction-Revenue Projection: The Shape of Things to Come

In the real world, construction revenue does not arrive in a straight line. Consider the impact of the learning curve when extending credit and evaluating loan performance. (p.46)

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