May 2015

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Featured in this issue

High-Quality Liquid Assets Not Just a Requirement, But an Opportunity

Banks that thrive under the liquidity coverage ratio’s HQLA requirements will likely be those that master the nuances of the liquid and readily marketable standard and the maximum 30-day stress period price-drop test. (p. 12)

Understanding HELOCS: Facts Verse Fear

Capitalizing on the opportunity to develop and deploy HELOC risk strategies in the near term will ensure that lenders are well positioned to protect themselves while maintaining positive, mutually profitable long-term relationships with their customers. (p. 32)

Considerations for Determining the Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses

Periodic review of quantitative methodology considerations and qualitative adjustments will help financial institutions develop an ALLL reserve approach that is conceptually sound and meets regulatory expectations. (p. 42)

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