Chapter Excellence Award Winners

Below are the winners and finalists, by category, for the 2019 Chapter Excellence Awards.  




Central Utah Chapter Membership Growth

The Central Utah Chapter has rebounded in membership with an increase of 13.92% (06/30/2018 to 04/17/2019) with one of the Board Members earning a Three Star Liaison in the RMA Member-Get-a-Member program. The steps to achieve the increased membership and to earn a Three Star Liaison were two-fold: 1) the Board was tasked to look long and hard within their respective organizations to see if there were any individuals that were not current RMA members that could benefit with what RMA has to offer, 2) look at past and identify general RMA meeting attendees, explain the benefits of RMA membership and to make a personal invitation for them to join. Personal invitations were extended to those that were identified. We found by extending personal invitations there were very few that did not accept the invitation to be a RMA member.

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Rocky Mountain Chapter Risk Management Conference

The Rocky Mountain Chapter hosted 2019 Risk Management Conference in Denver, CO on March 7th, 2019. Based around the end-of-cycle theme, this half-day event featured discussions on topics critical to the organization’s risk management platform and its level of preparedness for the slowdown. The conference attracted 114 registered participants, including front-line lending personnel, Credit Administration/ Compliance/ Finance, business students, credit and bank examiners.

The conference featured 5 presentations, including a keynote address by Edward Schreiber (RMA National Board Chair) and social networking. The Chapter recruited CROs, Senior Risk Professionals, and Bloomberg’s Senior Analyst to provide their insight on risk from a 360-degree angle, which led to a great discussion during and after the conference. The conference highlighted the interconnectedness of cyber, credit, liquidity, and capital adequacy risks and provided practical guidance on interest rates, elements of a successful risk management framework, risk ownership, collaboration and partnership with business partners in creating a strong risk culture, tools to take advantage of competitive situation in economic downturns, as well as the importance of qualitative considerations in CECL modeling as we approach the economic slowdown.

The conference supported our long-term objective to raise awareness of the RMA in Denver and help build our membership base. Of the total 114 registrants, 40 participants (35%) were non-members, with whom we have an opportunity to develop an RMA relationship. Registrants were from 30+ banks and credit unions in Denver and surrounding areas. The Chapter gained a sponsor for this conference and 7 new members to its membership base.

We’re excited about the progress made this year and plan on expanding the Chapter’s education, programming events next year to drive further growth.

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Long Island Chapter Newsletters

The Long Island Chapter of the RMA is nominating our newly formulated Newsletter within the Communications category. A quarterly distribution to our local chapter constituents, the Newsletter: 1) highlights messages from our senior leaders; 2) recognizes and provides enhanced value to our annual sponsors; 3) recaps recent chapter events; 4) promotes upcoming events (incl. Chapter, YP and Educational); and 5) expands the awareness and potential application pool for our annual RMA scholarship application prior to deadline. Some notable results:

  • Early readership statistics were strong with a 48-hour click rate of nearly 1 in 3.
  • The opportunity to publish, sector-based articles as a way of expanding firm awareness has been well received by our annual sponsors.
  • Event links in the Newsletter drive increased traffic to the RMA-LI Chapter's website.

Winter Newsletter (PDF)
Spring Newsletter (PDF)

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Wisconsin Academic Initiative

The Wisconsin Chapter has been putting forth a concerted effort in 2018/2019 towards furthering contacts with universities throughout the state. This was done in two ways: (1) partnering with our state banking association and (2) hosting our first annual credit competition.

Throughout the fall and early winter of 2018/2019, the Wisconsin Chapter strategically partnered with the Wisconsin Banking Association (WBA) to attend and speak at campus visits throughout the state. The chapter had representation at the University of Wisconsin (UW) – Madison, UW – Platteville and UW-Stevens Point visits. During these campus visits, a panel of bankers ranging from positions of CFO to a commercial lender, to marketing director to an HR director and a credit analyst, would talk about how they found themselves in banking, why they have stayed and how they approach work/life balance. Students were able to interact with the panelists, asking questions as part of the audience and often times were responsible for moderating the event. The Wisconsin Chapter was able to speak at each of these events about RMA as an organization, student memberships, resources available as a result of membership as well as scholarship opportunities.

As a result of these campus visits and the relationships formed with faculty from these schools and other universities including Carroll University, Marquette University and UW-Parkside, we were able to share the scholarship brochure and they in turn forwarded to their students. The Wisconsin Chapter had four students successfully awarded scholarships in 2018/2019.

As another benefit in cultivating the relationships with these universities, we were able to gain traction in hosting our chapter’s first annual credit case competition. On April 6th at the UW-Madison School of Business, the Chapter held a two part competition with six teams from five schools. The first part of the competition required students to analyze a case study and present a loan package for approval to a panel of judges, considered the loan committee. Lunch was served in between both parts in which guest speakers, including RMA HQ staff, talked about careers in banking, resources available to students through RMA, student membership opportunities, scholarships and motivation for staying in the industry. After lunch, teams presented in front of the judges again, this time the judges posing as the borrower. Students presented to the borrower, their loan package, fielding questions about how they chose their structure and terms. At the end of this full-day event, cash prizes were awarded to the top three teams.

Responses after the competition from students, faculty advisors, judges and Wisconsin Chapter volunteers were all positive. One student messaged the Chapter to say that as a result of her exposure to the competition, she was able to gain an internship at a local bank over the summer!

Other take-aways for the students included how to think resourcefully and quick in times when you may not know the answer, being able to present effectively, using credit analysis skills and resources available through mentors to expand their knowledge of banking products as well as the connections they made throughout that day that they can take with them through their careers.

As a result of the positive experience by all, the Chapter plans to continue holding this in the 2019/2020 school year. Below are pictures taken from that day.

Event Photos (PDF)

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Kansas Chapter United Way GIV Warehouse

The Kansas Chapter makes multiple efforts throughout the year to connect with our community, volunteer, and give back. In December 2018, the chapter board and Young Professionals committee combined forces to volunteer at the United Way GIV warehouse--sorting and organizing multiple pallets of goods for the benefit of local non-profit organizations. The event gave our group a chance to work together toward a common purpose and show our compassion toward the community. In addition, the KS chapter ties in charitable causes to its regular events. We held a supply drive for the Assistance League of Wichita at our annual 'Women in Business' event, and we held a grocery/toiletry drive for the Center of Hope Homeless Prevention Program at our Membership Appreciation. Our group does not disappoint on these events--donating multiple bags of items for both charities and making additional cash donations. These examples highlight the immense amount of good we can do in the community, just by making simple gestures and organizing supply drives.

2019 CEA - Kansas Charity Event

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Richmond Chapter Community Bank Credit Forum

The Richmond Chapter held a Community Bank Credit Forum on March 11, 2019. The forum was an educational and membership event centered around regulation and credit risk. The agenda was focused on topics based on a combination of regulatory perspective and informal feedback from bankers. We have gathered an “A-list” of subject matter experts from various regulatory agencies and consultants to share their knowledge with us. Topics to include legal pitfalls in commercial lending, fair lending, market conditions and more. oint marketing w/ the Richmond Fed, Richmond Chapter President moderated regulator panel and opened w/ a 10 minute presentation on the benefits of RMA membership. Received interest from several institutions interested in becoming members and several individuals interested in becoming involved with the Richmond Chapters' board of directors.

Event Flyer (PDF)

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San Antonio Membership Growth: Working with Universities

The San Antonio Chapter has made concerted efforts to boost chapter membership including a focus on student memberships. Several key board members have collaborated with area universities, which has increase memberships within this area. We expect membership to continue to increase especiall in April 2019. The chapter has a 5.09% increase as of April 2, 2019 but expect the percentage to increase markedly.

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Programming/Educational Events

Minnesota Chapter Women's Forum - "Fireside Chat with Erin Procko: Trail Blazing and Leadership

The Women's Forum luncheon program event titled “Fireside Chat with Erin Procko: Trail Blazing and Leadership” was held on March 5th, 2019 in Minneapolis.

The Women’s Forum sought to create a program focused on leadership that would have broad appeal across a spectrum of roles within the industry. With this in mind, the Steering Committee selected a local rising star and long-time RMA member, Erin Procko, to share her leadership story. Erin’s accomplishments are impressive as she was named Bell Bank’s first female Twin Cities Banking Director and Market President. Since that time, she has received numerous industry awards including Top Women in Finance, Mover and Shaker, and Women in Business to name a few. In addition, Erin served on the Minnesota Chapter Board, acting as President for the 2012-2013 fiscal year where she made her first connection to Bell Bank. Erin, through her uniquely warm and authentic style, shared entertaining stories about the road to her current position, including the important role RMA played in her journey. The program drew 33 participants across a variety of roles and experience levels including lending, credit, operations, legal and others, and received rave reviews from all!

It was delightful to see the interest and engagement from participants and to have the opportunity to highlight a member of our RMA family! For its unique, creative format combined with the opportunity to highlight how RMA has played a role in the success of one of its members, we feel this program is deserving of consideration for a Chapter Excellence award.

Event Flyer (PDF)

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St. Louis Chapter - "The Art and Opportunity of Self Advocacy"

The St. Louis RMA Women's affinity group hosted a presentation by Professor Hillary Sale on the evening of March 7, 2019 entitled "The Art and Opportunity of Self-Advocacy". The program was held in the event space of a local member bank, with the opportunity afforded before and after the event for attendees to enjoy food and drink and to network. Hillary, a Harvard-educated corporate attorney, with undergraduate and graduate training in economics, sits on the FINRA Board of Governors and on the board of numerous non-profit and other organizations. Among her many other accomplishments, Hillary is highly regarded as an expert in the field of leadership and self-advocacy. Hillary is currently both a Professor of Law, and an affiliated faculty member at the McDonough School of Business, at Georgetown University. At Georgetown, Hillary teaches courses on leadership and corporate law and governance. She additionally oversees corporate leadership programs and teaches in executive education programs. Our chapter was introduced to Hillary by one of our attorney members who, through the sponsorship of her law firm's women's initiative, participated in a leadership course conducted by Hillary.

During the first portion of the program, Hillary presented research from numerous sources highlighting differences in how men and women advocate for themselves and are viewed in the workplace. Part of the discussion included identifying certain challenges research reveals women continue to face in their interactions (such as the "double bind"). Hillary supplied real life examples illustrating the data and identifying opportunities for women to more effectively advance their careers. The second half of her program focused on teaching the group self -advocacy to further advance themselves, their teams and their networks. Hillary provided strategies attendees could employ to gain visibility and demonstrate value added at work. For instance, rather than chatting with a senior manager about personal lives in the coffee room or on the elevator, focus the conversation on recent work experiences, such as "how interesting it was to work on project XYZ" or "how enjoyable it was to gain more knowledge about XXX when working on project XYZ". According to the research, this type of low-key, informal interaction promotes accomplishments effectively by reinforcing with management the employee's contributions to the organization.

The crowd of 94 attendees (30 of whom were non-members and new to the RMA and St. Louis Chapter), was the largest ever for a chapter women's event. Additionally, the group was diverse in age and experience. Attendees included women in the professional services, consulting and financial services industries, with the financial services industry being represented by not only risk management personnel, but also those working in operations, retail banking, treasury management and accounting. The networking was robust and the program highly interactive. Due to the connections fostered through the event and the quality of the program, two women joined our chapter. The board is reaching out to other attendees to encourage membership. The program received high marks and attendees expressed interest in hearing similar speakers in the future. Based on this feedback, the chapter is in the process of setting up a program on emotional intelligence. Finally, in addition to providing useful information and the chance to visit among colleagues and recruit new members, the event resulted in a modest profit.

Event Flyer (PDF)

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Buffalo Chapter Newsletters

We began to send newsletters this year in order to better communicate with our membership. Our YP group started the initiative with a fall newsletter and then kept it going with a Winter newsletter. Contributions from the entire board, including the President helped for an informative newsletter to our chapter! Both newsletters are attached to the submission.

Welcome Newsletter Fall 2018 (PDF)
Winter 2019 Newsletter (PDF)

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Kansas Chapter Newsletter

The Kansas Chapter RMA distributed its Winter newsletter in January 2019. The newsletter included highlights from the RMA Annual Conference, a recap of our annual kick-off event and Lending Horror Stories event, a highlight on board volunteerism with United Way, a feature on the Member Appreciation event, and an excerpt from the RMA Journal: 'Millennials have their Say' article, co-written by Kansas Chapter President Mollie Smith. The newsletter includes contact information for all board members, and has proven to be a great way to re-cap events, inform membership of RMA happenings both at the local and HQ level, and generally create a bit of excitement around our programming efforts. The January 2019 newsletter was one of the most comprehensive to date; the Kansas Chapter received positive feedback and membership inquiries post-distribution.

January 2019 Newsletter (PDF)

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Academic Involvement

North Central Chapter 5th Annual Credit Competition

In April 2019, the North Central Chapter held its 5th annual credit competition. After beginning as a 'test' event involving four teams from two universities, this event has grown to a new-record nine teams from seven different universities, including a team from the U of Manitoba for the past two years, making us an international international event through a great partnership with the Winnipeg chapter. This year's competition was another great success, with a high level of talent among these future financial professionals, led by our back-to-back winners from Manitoba. Upon reaching the five-year milestone, we looked back at our past participants and found that we have now brought ~ 125 students through this process over the past five years, and among those who are no longer full-time students, at least 70% of past participants are employed full-time in a position in finance, business, or a related area, including many in credit or lending. Across the board, our participants find that they have an advantage in the interview process thanks to their participation in the competition, and we are already seeing the positive impact of this portion of our Academic Initiative on our region.

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Oklahoma Chapter RMA Banking Minor Curriculum

The Oklahoma chapter of RMA has initiated multiple opportunities for our chapter to get involved on college campuses in both Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Within the last year, we've created long-lasting partnerships with the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO)and the University of Tulsa (TU). UCO has implemented the RMA banking minor curriculum and have 30 students enrolled in the minor. Our board member, Lexie Garrison is the adjunct professor at the University and has completed her first semester of coursework. UCO will continue to be a strong partner with RMA in years to come. We've also opened up a new relationship with TU - hosting "Bankers and Bagels" events each semester. Our student enrollment has spiked over the last year - with 30 total student enrollments, primarily from our efforts at both UCO and TU. Two of our student members received the RMA Scholarship - both students are interning in the banking sector this year with organization's represented on our board. As we continue to build out our academic relationships, we will mirror the efforts we've set in place to maintain and enhance our student activity.

Fall Event Flyer (PDF)
Spring Event Flyer (PDF)

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Community Involvement

Greater Cincinnati/Kentucky Chapter FreeStore Foodbank

Seven members of the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Chapter spent the afternoon at the FreeStore Foodbank in an effort to combat childhood hunger and poverty. Our group help to pack 698 Power Packs of food to be given to needy kids in local schools to take home over the weekend to supplement their source of food.

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