Chapter Excellence Award Winners 2017

Below are the winners and finalists, by category, for the 2017 Chapter Excellence Awards.  




Portland Metro Membership Program

The Membership Program of Portland Metro Chapter for the year 2016-2017 focused on outreach to the Portland Metro Banking Community to ‘spread the word’ and engage those potential members who were not previously aware of RMA or thought that it would not be appropriate for their team members.

Portland has long had a Membership Chair, but this year we established a committee to spread the responsibility with a minimum of two members taking on a two year commitment. The Committee and all Board Members, as Board Liaisons, are leading members of our bank community focused on bringing members into RMA, greeting members at meetings, and following up on RMA services provided to members.

Our Board Liaisons work a call strategy specifically to increase attendance and participation.

  • Each board member works with their bank. We encourage Board representation from all banks and actively recruit from institutions from which we have no formal representation.
  • Academic Committee works to gain student memberships.
  • Education Co-Chairs work with the OE Associates and their banks to convert OE Associates to Associates and to fulfill the Member Get a Member potential.
  • The Sponsorship Chair encourages Banks and Professional Firms to sponsor in addition to engaging sponsors in programming, education and Developing Professionals.
  • We encourage Banks to buy a table. All Board members beginning working two months in advance to fill seats at all events.
  • President/Past President work with National banks and membership / attendance.
  • The Committee reviews existing participants in meetings, Education and YP for follow-up discussion and membership.
  • Through our Board Liaison Outreach, we have increased attendance by focusing on Board Liaison calls and tracking individual and bank attendance.

We strategically identify banks that could benefit from RMA and could increase participation in meetings, classes, committees, and board of directors.

This year we focused on bringing to the board three banks in a more significant engagement:
Umpqua (acquired Sterling two years ago), Pacific Continental (acquired Capital Pacific last year) and Columbia. All five of these were large members in our Medium Chapter. As a result of the merger activity, we proactively addressed this potential huge drop in membership. We sought to bring in two Board members from different parts of the bank by speaking with senior leadership at each institution. By focusing on these regional banks, it has allowed us to utilize the resources of the new board members while securing our existing membership. Some of these new board members had been at one bank for a decade plus, while others have been at multiple banks, large and small. It has helped us reach out to the banking community at large. With these new board members, we have increased attendance from their banks at general membership luncheons, education, and developing professionals.

We prioritize our time on Membership Engagement through our Board Liaison Program:

  • We have established Institutional outreach at all sizes and market focus.
    • We specifically involve national banks in the Portland Chapter. Through regular contact we engage these banks as speakers at our Executive Leadership event and buying a table. With follow-up engagement, we have gained memberships and continued attendance.
    • With acquisitions, Oregon has an ever declining number of headquartered banks. With each of the acquisitions, we have encouraged the acquirer and acquired bank to each buy a table at all upcoming events to engage those that are remaining and those that are leaving.
    • Out of state regional banks continue to expand and grow in our Portland Metro area. We reach out and encourage attendance and membership engagement.
    • With our Community Bank focus, we have reached out to ALL community banks doing business in our Portland Metro Area.
  • We ask our institutions to buy tables at General Membership Meetings
  • We ask our institutions to sponsor General Membership Meetings
  • We ask our Institutions to support OE classes and turn OE Associates to Associates
  • We ask our institutions to select and support Board Members who are, of course, members
  • We ask our institutions to recommend career specific programs such as our Enterprise Risk Roundtable and engage and support those who would benefit directly
  • And, we ask our institutions to support our Outreach to University MBA Programs. Student Members are invited to events and provided complimentary tickets by host members. We recognize both the host and the students at the meeting.

Have we increased attendance? Overwhelmingly. Attendance at our 2014 general membership meetings averaged 70, while at our 2017 meetings, the average is 100.

Have we increased membership? It would seem so. Our membership at the beginning of the year was 149 and at the end of April, it is 159. We have another two months to go.

We have put together an unparalleled Membership strategy which engages our members by membership type, by institution and by their own role in their banks.

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East Cascades Panel Series on Banking and the Cannabis Industry

The first state to decriminalize cannabis in 1973 and among the first to legalize medical cannabis in 1998, Oregon has a long history with the cannabis industry. In November 2014, Oregon voted to legalize recreational marijuana. While still illegal on the federal level, 2016 Oregon marijuana sales exceeded $241million and produced over $60 million in state tax revenue. What does this mean for banks in one of the state's fastest growing industries? How are the business owners dealing with the challenges of a cash business? How are landlords, real estate brokers, insurance agents and title and escrow companies dealing with the risks resulting from doing business with those involved in the cannabis industry? What is the future from a regulatory perspective? Within the context of these issues, in 2016 the East Cascades Chapter of RMA launched what is intended to be an ongoing series of panel discussions on banking and the cannabis industry. The series is intended to provide a healthy forum for discussion of the issues facing the cannabis industry and those who engage in business with it.

The first event, titled "When Your Borrower Goes to Pot”, was held in the spring of 2016 and featured a panel consisting of:

  • Kevin Christiansen, government affairs director for the Oregon Bankers Association. David Criswell, a managing partner at the Ball Janik law firm.
  • Pat Kesgard, president of Compass Commercial Real Estate Services in Bend, OR.

Over 50 people attended the event, with representation from the banking, real estate, legal and insurance industries, as well as local politicians and community members at large.

In the spring of 2017, "Take Another Hit at Marijuana Banking", the second event in the series, was held. This time around, the panelists and moderator consisted of:

  • Chris Telfer, moderator. A long-time Bend CPA and elected official at both the local and state level, Telfer is currently a partner in Spectrum CPA Group LLP and is developing specialized accounting software and processes for those involved in the cannabis industry.
  • Michael Hayes, a former U.S. Marine and owner of Miracle Greens Dispensary, Inc., a retail marijuana store.
  • Jennifer Clifton, founder, Clifton Cannabis Law, LLC, providing a broad range of legal services to the cannabis industry.
  • Amanda Borup, policy analyst for the Oregon Liquor Control Commission's Recreational Marijuana Program (regulates cannabis industry in Oregon).

Again with more than 50 people in attendance, the continued popularity of the series was evident and the stage has been set for subsequent sessions as the cannabis industry and its attendant issues, risks and opportunities continue to evolve.

By focusing on a topic with implications beyond just the banking industry, we have designed the series to attract participants from a broader spectrum of our community, thus extending the reach of RMA in our region. Toward that end, both events received media coverage. As more of the community is exposed to and gains familiarity with RMA and our objectives, we hope to become a trusted source of information and programming content on risk management principles within the financial services industry and beyond.

Event Emails and Information (PDF)

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Portland Metro Chapter Communication

RMA Portland Metro Chapter approved a strategic proposal that established new and innovative communication processes and methods to reach members and prospective members.

Outcomes already achieved include a 40% increase in event attendance (compared with three years ago) and deeper, more meaningful engagement with members, sponsors and the banking community. At the same time, we’ve grown our non-member database by 21%, adding nearly 100 prospective members who have registered for at least one event.

Outcomes are expected to positively impact future years too as we deepen sponsor relationships and leverage our process, contact database and statistical understanding of member preferences to efficiently plan the most desired events, market them and further our reach even more.

Last year the Board determined that as professionals we should present our Chapter professionally.
Portland Metro Comm1Our chapter had no web site and no web presence. We did not have tools to manage our data or volunteers trained to do so.

Our members received no calendar of upcoming events. There was no repeatable process for event notification, registration and management. We had nowhere to store member attendance records or preferences. Important new initiatives like our Developing Professionals Group, the Education Committee or any other RMA program could not be located or viewed by members. The Board’s process was not transparent. Members or sponsors interested in getting involved or asking a question had no tools to do so.

Prior to this year, we were sharing traditional Board Liaison communications two months in advance of events to work with banks, professional firms and other service providers individually. It was a lot of work to register, communicate, and engage our banking community.

We knew we needed the right strategy and dependable marketing and administration.
Portland Metro Comm2To market our Chapter effectively we knew we needed a mobile website and calendar, newsletters, emails, and a payment process that was coordinated and timely. Most of all, we needed a database of contacts, consistent data collection and storage methods.

We envisioned a process that could serve as a learning experience for a rotating roster of board members and volunteers that serve or join our chapter over time. We believed we could engage our community and build a sustainable chapter with enhanced communications.

Late last summer we made our proposal to the Board and received their approval.
Portland Metro Comm3We suggested development of a responsive web presence linking with the national site. We outlined our communications strategy and process for notification of events and management of information for our membership. We committed to developing process, support and training for our board, editors and contributors.

We created an executional plan that finalized the live website within 45 days. We vetted our preferred marketing partner, Ideagility, with references and by testing their services pro bono in September. Beginning in November, Ideagility began reporting to the board and managing the website development and execution of approved messaging with professionally developed invitational emails and event sign up pages that linked to payment portals.

And, even as our beautiful new tools helped us to spread our message more efficiently, we continued to rely on our volunteers’ support with Board Liaisons communications with key partners two months in advance of events.

Portland Metro Comm4The budget needed to hire a professional marketing organization was significant.
The up front investment in Ideagility included a new mobile website for $3,000. First year costs were planned to not exceed $15,000 including the website development. Our chapter continued to pay for QuickBooks, tax preparation and volunteer gifts; these totaled approximately $2,500 per year. Budget thereafter depends on our utilization of Ideagility services, but at a minimum QuickBooks, tax preparation and website hosting charges must be budgeted.

We funded the budget and began generating positive results quickly.
We established a sponsorship program to help fund marketing. Still in our first year, we raised $13,000 very quickly.

Portland Metro Comm5Today our sponsor firms are fully engaged partners planning on renewing their sponsorships. We have a planned sponsor appreciation event this summer and anticipate an increase in receipts from these and a few other firms that have expressed interest. These opportunities are appreciated by our sponsor banks and finance partners, who are promoted on our website and in email. At our events, sponsors receive valuable public exposure and opportunities to engage our community of members and guests.

Support for our communications strategy has been overwhelmingly positive. Portland Metro Comm6
Members, speakers and sponsors comment positively on our website and emails. Our email open and registration rates far exceed industry averages. Guest speakers have ample opportunity to review our communications and provide feedback. Even better, they frequently express delight at our ability to present them professionally.

Our calendar is available for all to see and easy to use. Registration for events is quick and easy and the board has a dependable process to make changes or present special offers.

Watching event attendance and guest registration increase dramatically is both gratifying and good for our chapter as our crowded events share a professional ‘buzz’ that is contagious in our community. Our board and our marketing partners are committed and ready for more!

Ideagility helps businesses and industry associations be found with websites, communications, event management, advertising and public relations marketing services.
Photography credit: Jennifer Alyse Photographer, © 2017,

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Gulf Coast Chapter Academic Involvement

Representatives from the Gulf Coast Chapter visited with the Banking & Finance Club at Sam Houston State University on September 12, 2016. As a result of this meeting, the Gulf Coast Chapter was able to secure 29 student memberships and establish 24 mentoring relationships.

On November 1, 2016 the RMA Gulf Coast Chapter held a general membership event at the Houston branch of the Federal Reserve in conjunction with the banking program at Sam Houston State University. This event involved a presentation on the Federal Reserve System, VIP tour of the Houston branch, and a networking hour for the students & RMA members. The Gulf Coast Chapter donated $1,000 of event proceeds to the SHSU banking scholarship program, which were extended to a banking undergraduate student for next school year.

Also during the 2016 fall semester, members of the Gulf Coast Chapter attended events at the University of Houston main campus and the University of Houston- Downtown. The purpose of attending these events was to present the benefits of RMA to existing business undergraduate students and procure student memberships. One of the student attendees at the University of Houston- Downtown event fully invested in the benefits of RMA and started attending general membership events. His initiative afforded him the opportunity to interview for a position; and ultimately secure this position, within the department of one of the board members for the Gulf Coast Chapter.

The three campus visits during the 2016 fall semester yielded positive results as Gulf Coast Chapter members were able to inform current undergraduate students about the benefits of RMA and were able to secure 69 new student memberships. The success of capturing 69 new student memberships made the Gulf Coast Chapter the leading chapter in the Student Membership Recruitment Challenge. Also, the chapter was able to secure multiple mentoring relationships with students that should bear fruit in developing a successful next generation of bankers and long-term RMA members.

Breakdown of student membership recruitment campaign by RMA chapter (PDF)
Power Point presentation from meeting with Banking & Finance Club at Sam Houston State University on September 12, 2016 (PDF)
Invitation to the RMA/SHSU Fed Tour Event on November 1, 2016 (PDF)
Invitation to the SHSU Academic Awards Program and Reception in which the Gulf Coast Chapter presented a $1,000 scholarship to a banking undergraduate student (PDF)
Thank you letter from scholarship recipient (PDF)

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Long Island Young Professionals Community Involvement Events

The Long Island Chapter YPs did have two recent community involved activities. Firstly, in October 2016, 10 YPs visited a Universal Pre-K school and participated in pumpkin painting/decorating parties throughout the classrooms. The Universal Pre-K program is run by a group known as Family Service League whose mission is to supports the development of strong cognitive skills, including the promotion of English literacy. The RMA Long Island Chapter sponsored the event providing the supplies (paint) and material (pumpkins). The event is a highlight for the children and the YPs alike. Secondly, the Long Island YPs held a holiday 2016 social event for the benefit of Island Harvest, whose mission is to distribute food to hungry people in New York. We collected and donated 368 pounds of food and made a monetary donation of $200 to Island Harvest, who was very grateful for the RMA YP support.

Pumpkin Painting Photos (PDF)
Island Harvest Food Donation (PDF)

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Philadelphia Membership Recruitment and Retention Plan

As part of our Membership Recruitment and Retention Plan, I put together a one-page document which was emailed to non-members prospects who have attended RMA events. The flyer addressed upcoming General Membership and Educational events, successful past events, a membership benefits reminder and a shout-out to our Gold sponsors. Flyer attached. The flyer and membership application was sent out to the prospect group. I will periodically update the flyer and continue to send it out to prospects who attend RMA events.

I was personally successful in signing up over ten new members just from my office. The Board was encouraged to reach out to non-members in their respective offices using the flyer to get them to sign up.

Between the prospect campaign and Board efforts, we increased our net membership as a result. We were previously down net 29 members back in February 2017 and to date we are now only down net 10 members. With the continued membership recruitment effort, we expect to have positive net members by June 30, 2017.

One Page Chapter Flyer (PDF)

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Pittsburgh Chapter Promotes Membership as Exhibitor at WPASGL 22nd Annual Quality Circle Conference

The Pittsburgh Chapter participated in the Western Pennsylvania Association of SBA Guaranteed Lenders (WPASGL) 22nd Annual Quality Circle Conference. The WPASGL event was designed to encompass the global landscape facing today’s Business Banker. Sessions included topics for SBA lending partners, non-lending resources partners and service providers to encourage them to think of SBA as an option to “get the deal done.” Presentations focused on business lending skills and enhancements for the 21st century Business Banker. While the Chapter has participated in luncheon speakers and offerings in the past, this year the Chapter participated through an exhibit table at the event. We were able to discuss RMA membership at an institutional, professional and university level. Participants were interested in training opportunities in the footprint both from an Open Enrollment and General Membership meeting perspective. Participation has resulted in new institutional (government) and associate memberships, potential opportunities to introduce RMA to College and University students, as well as interest in participation at the Chapter Board level.

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Programming/Educational Events

Empire Annual Fall Conference

This past November the Empire Chapter presented our annual Fall Conference. During our pre-planning sessions the Board decided to venture beyond our historical credit risk programming. We decided that one of the hottest topics of discussion amongst our member banks was Enterprise Risk Management and that this was an area under-served by us and one where the Chapter could possibly garner additional membership by getting our banner in front of a group of people we don't normally attract to many of our events. One of our newest Board Members, a SVP & Chief Risk Officer was instrumental in helping to put a program together and actually presented at the event as well as acted as one of our panelists. The event consisted of an economic update by two local university professors, followed by a Power Point presentation "ERM on a Budget", a program that discussed having a ERM program that's appropriate for the bank, that meets regulatory expectations and didn't require the bank to expend resources (financial or personnel) they didn't have too. Our presenter also identified reports and tools that most any bank can generate without relying on outside resources. Emerging issues, risk appetite, regulatory categories of risk assessment and analysis were also part of the presentation. This was followed by a moderated “Chief Risk Officer Panel Discussion” that included five Executive or Senior Vice Presidents & Chief Risk Officers from banks with assets sizes ranging from $900.0MM to $9.0 billion. The panelists represented over 140 years of experience! Some of the topics that most energized the audience were emerging risks, organizational structures and regulatory trends. We ended the event with enough time for networking with cocktails and Hors D’Odeuvres…of course.

The event was well attended with 69 attendees from all over upstate New York who based on the program critiques we received thoroughly enjoyed the program. It appears we have gained a few new associate members directly due to this program and have more individuals that we are following up with in the hopes of them joining. We also added several sponsors for the event that we most likely would not have if not for the subject matter. Lastly, to continue the outreach to our “other than” credit risk folks, we’ve been including articles in our Chapter newsletter relating to ERM to keep those individuals engaged.

Annual Fall Conference Flyer (PDF)
Empire Chapter Winter Newsletter (PDF)

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Triad 1st Annual Excellence in Business Award Luncheon

In 2016 the Women In Business committee of the RMA Triad Chapter introduced the 1st Annual Excellence in Business Award luncheon to honor three Triad businesses who display excellence in their industry, community and leadership. The event offered the opportunity for our institutional and associate members to recognize their clients for the success they have had in executing their business plans, developing their staffs' career potential and for giving back to the communities that supported their success. There were three general categories; General Business, Start-up Business and Non-Profit. Our volunteer judges, who are commercial credit executives from our Triad member banks, made their selection based on the merits presented in the nomination forms for each nominee. Our program include keynote speaker, Chris Chung, Chief Executive Officer of the Economic Development Partnership of NC. It event was well attend and received by members. As it is the Chapter's signature event, it provides support of our charitable activities and to host member events for the year. The 2nd Annual Excellence in Business Award luncheon is scheduled for May 3, 201

Chapter website

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Oklahoma Chapter Communication

The Oklahoma Chapter strives to continue to improve on our membership communication to ensure our members receive timely news and announcements. Recaps of past events as well as marketing for future events are highlighted in the newsletter. The chapter utilizes graphic art to bolster the appearance of our communications giving a highly professional and polished look that is attractive to its audience. Event flyers are sent along with regular chapter membership email communication to market upcoming events. Flyers include speaker biographies, event summary and highlights of upcoming events to keep the members abreast of the Chapter’s activities. Our distribution list exceeds 600 members and non-members and the Board continuously monitors return emails to ensure the list is kept up-to-date. The success of the communications creates large turnout at events with the OK Chapter averaging 23 attendees for the co-sponsored classes offered to date and attendance exceeding 60 members and non-members multiple times at our general membership meetings.

Sample Chapter Newsletter (PDF)
Sample Chapter Flyer (PDF)

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Wisconsin Chapter Communication

The RMA Wisconsin Chapter continuously looks at ways that we can communicate with our membership effectively, to provide them the most value for their membership. As such, we currently have four methods of communicating with them: our Chapter website (, our LinkedIn group (RMA Wisconsin Chapter), our newsletters and our regular e-mail blasts through Constant Contact.

Within the last two years, the Chapter has worked to develop a website that is both recognizable as well as relevant to our members. We merged an existing domain name ( with our national web-page to provide a consistent naming convention for our members to refer to. Our website contains information about upcoming classes – both national co-sponsored and local classes – as well as various programming events, photos and highlights from events, our current and past newsletters, our chapter leaders and our focus on the academic initiative. Members and participants in classes and programming are driven to the site to register for the event which allows them time to look at other information available.

In addition to our website, our Chapter has made a conscious effort to post information relative to events and classes that are coming up on our LinkedIn page. We started the page with around 30 members and have now grown to over 80 members. As new RMA members join our Chapter, we encourage them to sign up on our group’s page. We have periodically posted white papers to give our group members more than just a marketing blast.

Our Chapter newsletters have also been more of a focus for our chapter. We send out three newsletters a year – one in the fall, one in the winter/spring and one in the summer. Each of the newsletters highlights an article that is relevant for our members, highlights a Board member, identifies new financial institution members, recent CRC successes and identifies ways that our members can be involved with the Chapter as well as local events in their area that are coming up.

Constant Contact is a regular weekly method of communication that we use to market our programming events and up-coming classes we are holding. We send out weekly and monthly reminders of all events, including our recently published newsletter, to those that are signed up with our Chapter to receive e-mail updates.

Why Nomination?

The RMA Wisconsin Chapter deserves nomination for the category of communication because our Board has made a concerted effort over the last two years, to find other methods of communication with our members. Our member’s wants and needs are ever changing and as such, we need to be able to change with them. Utilizing one method of communication (Constant Contact) is not effective enough to reach our greater state of Wisconsin. Offering methods such as the newsletters, LinkedIn and our Chapter website give members the variety of communication they desire. In addition, when the same message is delivered through multiple channels, it amplifies the message to ensure that it reaches our members. As a result of these various types of communication, we have been able to effectively host all of our national co-sponsored events and maintain relatively well attended programming events throughout the regions within our state. In 2016/2017, we will have hosted 12 national co-sponsored classes in addition to 13 local educational courses throughout the year. In 2015/2016, we hosted 13 national co-sponsored classes; in 2017/2018 we have just as an aggressive line-up scheduled. Without effective communication, we would not be able to hold this many successful events.

For your consideration, please visit our Chapter’s website ( and our Chapter’s LinkedIn group (RMA Wisconsin Chapter) to view the material offered, including our most recent newsletters. While we do not offer a lot of flare and flashing lights on our communication, sponsors and the like, we offer sufficient information for our members to stay informed, involved

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Academic Involvement

New England Key Endeavors and Accomplishments for Student Program 2016-2017

Key Endeavors and Accomplishments

  1. Fall 2017 Rollout of RMA Credit Analysis class at U Mass Lowell.
    • Chapter board members taught two chapters, one on loan structuring, and another on loan workout.
  2. Northeastern University teaches RMA class for the second year
    • The first small group of students took and passed Credit Essentials Certificate test in the fall of 2016.
    • Board helped staff a Mock Loan Committee April 2017.
  3. Providence College
    • In the fall of 2016 Academic Activities chapter chair “Cold Called” Chair of Department of Finance at Providence College. PC was a target partner school for RMA based on discussion and consensus at the chapter level.
    • Sold the concept of partnership. PC Finance Chair was receptive.
    • Academic Initiatives chair encouraged scholarship applications for Foundation scholarship from PC student body ahead of application deadline.
    • Board Sought opportunities to promote banking careers on campus; in response, RMA was invited to participate in a Providence College career exploration class for finance majors. Bankers made presentations at two classes, one in February, one in April, to an audience of ~120 students.
    • As of 4/26 the school has approved the launch of Commercial Credit Risk Analysis as a ‘Special Topic in Finance’ in the fall of 2017. Board is helping search for adjunct professor to teach the class.
  4. Student Membership – 50 student members as of 1/30/2017
  5. Scholarships - 2 RMA Foundation scholarship awards; 2 Chapter scholarship awards
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Toronto Student Liaison Program

The RMA Toronto Chapter launched the Student Liaison Program in 2016, with the purpose of educating undergraduate and post graduate university students in Toronto and Southern Ontario on careers in risk management. Currently, the RMA Toronto Chapter has official partnerships with two prominent Canadian universities (University of Toronto Rotman School of Management and University of Waterloo (via Financial Analysis and Risk Management Student Association) and further partnerships are under development with seven additional prestigious Canadian universities (Brock University, Wilfrid Laurier University, University of Waterloo, York University, Western University, Queen’s University and Ryerson University). Within a six month period, the team has held three separate events with strong attendance and tremendously positive feedback from participating schools. As a testament to the success of the Student Liaison Program, the RMA Toronto Chapter was the winner of the 2016 RMA Student Membership challenge, attracting the largest number of new student memberships created during a set period of time. During this period, we have attracted 60 new RMA student members. Not only do our events educate and raise awareness around risk management, the events also attract students into considering careers in risk management (including banking and consulting) and help create networks for students, employers and recruiters to connect.

To date, we have hosted two Careers in Risk Management Panel & Networking Events (two flyers attached below) which were each attended by more than 90 students (from undergraduate, Master’s and PhD levels) and resulted in 60 new RMA student memberships and a Mock Interview event in which RMA members conducted mock interviews with 37 students from a university’s Master of Financial Risk Management Program.

We are nominating the initiative as we had outstanding interest to further develop the Student Liaison Program from both undergraduate and post-graduate students in the Toronto and Southern Ontario area as well as partnering schools. We also achieved a significant increase in RMA student memberships (as the winner of the 2016 RMA Student Membership challenge), built awareness of RMA and careers in risk management as well as boosted the growth of risk management knowledge and professionals amongst the student population within the Toronto and Southern Ontario area.

October Careers in Risk Management in the Financial Sector Panel Flyer (PDF)
March Careers in Risk Management in the Financial Sector Panel Flyer (PDF)

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Community Involvement

Central Arkansas Annual Charity Golf Tournament benefiting Positive Atmosphere Reaches Kids (P.A.R.K.)

September 2016 - Annual Chapter Charity Golf Tournament benefited Positive Atmosphere Reaches Kids with a $2,000 cash donation. P.A.R.K. is a community outreach program designed to benefit young people K - 12 by providing a 'safe place'. P.A.R.K. provides mentoring, life skills, athletic improvement, anti-bullying, healthy eating and education supplementation / enhancement for at-risk kids of all social-economic disadvantages. During the past 20 years, P.A.R.K. has provided a way for kids to rise above their environment and achieve the greatness, of which, they are capable. The bottom-line is P.A.R.K. saves lives and enhances the chances of many extremely disadvantaged youth of being contributing members of society.

PARK Event Photos (PDF)

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Kansas Chapter Board Members Volunteered at United Way GIV

Each year the Kansas chapter board and YP committee team up to volunteer with a local non-profit organization. These projects give our board a unique opportunity to serve within the community while interacting with one another and team-building outside of a typical RMA event. On December 7, members of the Kansas chapter's board and YP committee joined forces to volunteer at the local United Way GIV (Give Items of Value) distribution center. The GIV initiative is a valuable resource to the local non-profit community - providing office furniture, supplies, household products and books on a first come, first served basis-free of charge! The GIV program is made possible by accepting donated items from companies and purchasing pallets of slightly damaged goods from big-box retailers. These items are sorted at the warehouse, shelved, and made available to local non-profits, who then use these items to either furnish their offices or to pass along to their clients in need. Although the program is supported by United Way, the function of the distribution center is almost exclusively run by volunteer work. By sorting multiple pallets of goods, the Kansas chapter board and YP committee were able to GIV back to their community in a big way this year!

Please see the article on the event on page 6 of our December 2016 Newsletter (PDF).

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