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The RMA Journal is the award-winning magazine published by The Risk Management Association. It is the only professional journal written by risk practitioners for risk practitioners. Each article is peer reviewed by our Editorial Advisory Board prior to publication. Published 10 times a year,The RMA Journal offers practical advice on managing risk across the enterprise. It focuses on the basics of lending and risk management while also offering insights in how to deal with the challenges of today’s global environment. Credit, market and operational risk, as well as regulatory, accounting and securities lending issues are also featured. About 18,000 RMA members receive the Journal and pass it among coworkers. Its estimated secondary readership is 100,000.

Contact Information:

Editor: Frank Devlin, fdevlin@rmahq.org
Editorial Designer: Arielle Morris, amorris@rmahq.org

The RMA Journal® Wins Awards
The RMA Journal® won two 2017 Apex Awards for Publication Excellence. Senior Designer Arielle Morris won in the category of Magazines, Journals & Tabloids – Design & Layout, and the three-part article “Perspectives from the Front Line: 2016 Industry Insights” won in the category of Writing Series. 

NEW BOOK – A Director’s Voyage Through Risk Management 
In A Director's Voyage through Risk Management, author Dean A. Yoost advises board members on how to navigate the tumultuous seas of the modern financial services industry. From cybersecurity to cultural challenges to third-party risk and more, Yoost, a board member at a large global bank and a large global insurance company, stresses the need to identify important risks and emerging threats—and to obtain the insight necessary to effectively challenge management.

iPad and iPhone Apps Available for The RMA Journal®
Now you can read the latest issue of The RMA Journal® at the airport, on the train, or anywhere that has wireless access. The RMA Journal® iPad and iPhones apps feature current articles in the printed RMA Journal, as well as audio, video, and additional content of interest to RMA members. Visit the Amazon, Apple, or Google app stores to download The RMA Journal app today.

Realism in Lending
Realism in Lending, Plus Other Readings on Quality Credit Culture and Sound Risk Management combines classic work by P. Henry Mueller and William H. Sihler for The Risk Management Association.

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