Academic Membership

If you're employed by a college or university, and involved in instructing and advising on the mitigation of credit, operational, and market risk for your institution's curriculum, i.e. professors, deans, teaching assistants, apply for our professional academic membership…

By sharing best practices through chapter meetings, conferences, and seminars, RMA provides unique opportunities for you to hear from the industry's best risk managers. Our publications and resources keep academic professionals like you up to date on important issues.

The Benefits of an Academic Membership
Academic Members receive the following benefits:

  • Be the first to know when opportunities are available to your students. Receive scholarship application information and much more.
  • Access RMA’s Study Packs. Download compilations of articles focused on critical issues in credit risk, operational risk, and market risk. 
  • Receive a subscription to The RMA Journal and stay up to date on important topics in banking.  
  • Participate in the RMA Xchange - an exclusive online community where RMA members can engage in real-time discussions and share information with other members.
  • Discounts on a variety of RMA events, training, products, and services.  
  • Surveys and Studies – RMA undertakes several timely and thought leading studies and surveys, such as the Risk Appetite Survey.  
  • Basel Response – Guidance on managing the impact and implications of Basel III.  
    • Online Credit and Lending Dictionary – Definitions of commonly used words and terms including Federal Reserve regulations and relevant legal and documentation concepts.  
    • Access to local chapter network meetings and events.  
    • Career development/leadership and networking opportunities.  

    Academic members are tenured and non-tenured full-time and part-time professors who are primarily employed by non-profit colleges and universities in North America at the undergraduate or graduate levels, who are engaged in research, scholarship and/or teaching in the fields of business (including accounting and finance); economics; statistics; and/or any other subject related to financial services or risk management. Individuals who are adjunct faculty members employed by colleges and universities in North America are not eligible for academic membership but may qualify for professional membership. For purposes of academic membership, an adjunct faculty member is a part-time professor who primarily is engaged in an outside employment other than research, scholarship or teaching at a college or university; examples include, CPAs, consultants, attorneys.

    Membership Dues  
    Free to Academic Members.

    Apply today - here's how:

    Complete the online application process.
    (Just a reminder, Academic members are employed by colleges or universities. See qualifications above for additional information to ensure this is the right membership category for you.)

    Email your application (PDF) to

    Fax your application (PDF) to RMA at 215-446-4100.

    Send your application (PDF) to:

    RMA Member Services
    1801 Market Street, Suite 300
    Philadelphia, PA 19103

    All applications submitted will be reviewed by RMA's membership committee to ensure eligibility. Please anticipate a one week turnaround period from the date of your submission for the committee to complete the decision making process.

    Contact Membership Department
    Monday through Friday
    8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET
    Phone: 800-677-7621, press 1