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The RMA Journal is the only periodical that provides in-depth treatment of subjects devoted exclusively to the risks and opportunities in the business of lending. Published 10 times per year, The RMA Journal is read by risk professionals at every level of experience at institutions ranging from community banks to global, complex institutions. Widely read in North America, the Journal is expanding its readership in the global financial centers of Europe, Australia, and Asia.

The content addresses emerging issues in enterprise risk management, many of which are tied to the current economic environment while others remind readers of the importance of the Five C’s of credit. Liquidity and capital adequacy, fraud, managing the commercial real estate portfolio, and addressing interest rate risk are among the topics frequently featured. About 18,000 RMA members receive the Journal and pass it among coworkers. Its estimated secondary readership is 100,000. Continuously published since 1918, The RMA Journal is one of the top five North American banking magazines in terms of circulation.

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Reach Readers Who Are Involved 

Journal readers consider it the best source for overall coverage specific to lending and credit risk.

  • RMA has approximately 2,500 member institutions, accounting for approximately 80% of all commercial and industrial loans extended by U.S. banks.
  • 99% of all Journal subscribers are active, involved, and will notice your advertisement.
  • According to our most recent readership survey, an average of 4.5 people share each issue of The RMA Journal. This is a pass-around rate of approximately 100,000—decision makers who see the Journal, and more importantly, your advertisement in each issue.
  • The average Journal reader has been in banking for more than 15 years.
  • The Journal reaches the full spectrum of financial services leaders.
  • Our readership considers the Journal to be an important tool in their decision making.

The balance ofJournal recipients are commercial lenders, credit policy officers, risk management officers, loan review officers, bank regulators and examiners, training directors, and other financial services professionals. By advertising in the Journal, you are reaching the movers and shakers of the financial industry. The Journal is a direct link to these important decision makers.

Our Readers, Your Potential New Clients

Top Job Functions of RMA Members:

Top Specialties of RMA Members:

  • Relationship Manager/Lender
  • Credit Admin/Department
  • CEO/President
  • Senior Line Manager
  • Risk Management Officer
  • Credit Policy Officer
  • Portfolio Management Officer
  • Loan Review/Administration
  • CPA/Attorney/Appraiser
  • Commercial Banking
  • All Credit Activity
  • Real Estate Lending
  • Consumer/Retail Banking
  • Agricultural Lending
  • Nonbank/Nonfinancial Institution
  • Private Banking/Wealth Management
  • International/Global Banking

No other monthly publication lets you target your message to as many lending and credit risk decision makers as The RMA Journal. The Journal is much less expensive and much more effective than advertising in general banking publications.

This is where you benefit. Advertise in the Journal today; think of the new business opportunities you will be exposed to through your involvement with the Journal. We have focused advertising campaigns to help your company grow.

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