Commercial Real Estate Lending Decision Process Courses

This series of courses, which you access through RMA University Online, provides a comprehensive study of commercial real estate lending beginning with a description of CRE loan types and progressing to an understanding of the underwriting process, leases, appraisals, loan structures, related risks, and general best practices. The courses are licensed as a complete library (all 14) or as six separate series.

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Series 1: Types of Commercial Real Estate Loans, Risk Areas, and Performance Drivers

Types of CRE Loans

  • Financing the Real Estate Business

Risk Areas and Drivers of CRE Performance

  • Risk Areas in CRE Lending
  • Drivers of CRE Performance

Series 2: The Commercial Real Estate Underwriting Process

CRE Underwriting Basics

  • Developing the Net Operating Income (NOI) or Cash Flow
  • Analyzing the Project and Proposed Loan

Collateral Valuation Considerations

  • Understanding Cap Rates and Valuation Basics
  • Collateral Valuation Considerations
  • Understanding Environmental Assessments

Series 3: Financing Different Types of Commercial Real Estate Properties

Understanding Various Property Types

  • Major Property Groups
  • Specialty Properties

Understanding Property Cash Flows

  • How Cash Flow Formats Can Vary
  • Example Calculations

Series 4: Understanding and Evaluating Leases, Appraisals, and Environmental Assessments in Commercial Real Estate Loan Underwriting

Understanding and Analyzing Leases

Understanding and Evaluating Appraisals

  • The Role and Scope of an Appraisal
  • Issues in Reviewing Appraisals

Understanding and Evaluating Environmental Assessments

  • The Role and Scope of an Environmental Assessment

Series 5: Loan Structure and Documentation Considerations in Commercial Real Estate Lending

Borrowing Structures and Owner-Occupied Properties

  • Borrowing Structures
  • Owner-Occupied Properties

Documentation, Due Diligence, and Loan Structure

  • Documentation and Due Diligence Considerations
  • Loan Structure and Documentation Considerations

Series 6: Construction Lending

Types of Construction Projects and Related Risks

  • Types of Construction Projects and Loans
  • Underwriting and Administration Issues

The Construction Process, Liens, and Project Completion

  • Making the Disbursements and Maintaining Lien Priority
  • Project Completion

Homebuilders and Subdivision Developers

  • Special Issues with Homebuilders
  • Special Issues with Subdivision Developers

Credit Risk Certification: 21 CEUs

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