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PASLA/RMA Update on Asian Securities Lending

Decorative Caret Icon 17th Annual PASLA/RMA
Conference on Asian Securities Lending
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March 9 - 10, 2022

Join us virtually


The PASLA/RMA Update on Asian Securities Lending is a virtual event that brings together industry participants involved in securities lending in the Asia/Pacific region. It is designed by securities lending and borrowing professionals for individuals from banks, brokerage houses, pension funds, endowments, and regulatory agencies on a global basis doing business in the APAC region.

Both PASLA and RMA continue their thought leadership regarding sound securities lending and borrowing practices and part of that mission is carried out through this event.

IMPORTANT NOTE - For those who are not located in HKT, we are offering a replay of both events in EDT time zone, held March 10-11, 2022.