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Wir2021 Hero 825X470

October 29, 2021

Join us virtually



How do I register?

By Web:
Please visit the Registration page and follow the link to our secure server.

By Phone:
Please call 1-800-677-7621 to register using a credit card or to charge your registration.

For Multiple Registrations:
Please call 1-800-677-7621, prompt #3 or email

Customer Care Hours:
Monday through Friday, 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. ET.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my registration?

Please email or call 1-800-677-7621

I have registered, how to I modify my registration?

To modify a registration, please contact the Registrar at stating the specifics of the modification.

What is included in my registration?

Access to broadcast sessions. Speakers will be available to participate in live Q&A for all tracks and breakout sessions.

Is group pricing available for member institutions?

Yes! For inquiries into our all-access institutional pricing, contact your Relationship Manager.

How do I register for the buy 3 get 1 free promotion?

Please visit the Register page and register all 4 people at once using promo code “WRS22” during checkout.

This promotion is only available online and one person must register all four people at the same time. Please note that the discount will show as a percentage off the fee for all four registrants. Registration fee is based on registration date and member status.

What information will I need to register all 4 people for the buy 3 get 1 free promotion

Please follow steps below:

Gather the required data listed below. If registering a nonmember, be prepared with this additional information: first/last name, email, mailing address, city, state and zip.

Once you have registered all 4 people, Checkout by clicking the blue button (see below).

Add promo code “WRS22” and select Apply by clicking the blue button (see below).

You will now see the savings (see below) *25% off total cost of member/nonmember rate. Select next and finish registration.


Will sessions be available after the virtual conference?

Yes, sessions will be available on-demand through December 27, 2021 except for select Keynote sessions.

How do I access the on-demand sessions after the virtual conference?

Participants can access the on-demand sessions by going to the virtual event site. 

What are the system requirements to access the virtual conference? 

ON24 is a 100% web-based platform. Google Chrome is the recommended browser for this platform, however since firewall settings and individual systems can vary, the other two preferred browsers are Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

What are the internet requirements to access the virtual conference? 

Before you access the virtual conference, please ensure that your browser is configured to stream media and that your audio is on. A minimum Internet connection of 800 Kbps is recommended for an optimal experience. 

Can I watch on my phone or tablet? 

Yes, you can watch on your phone or tablet using your available web browser. Please note, you can only log into the platform from one device at a time. Ex. Phone or Computer. 

Will I have an opportunity to ask speakers questions during their session?

Yes, there will be a text-only Q&A function available for you to ask questions throughout the conference. Please understand that due to the number of participants, it may be necessary to combine questions.

Can I call into a session?

You can use your smartphone to access the platform via a web browser. However, there is no dial-in (phone number) access. 


Who do I contact if I have technical questions about the event platform? 

Please e-mail or reference the Technical FAQs below. 

I keep receiving a message stating “Login Failed” when entering my e-mail address trying to login.

Be sure that your e-mail address is entered exactly how you registered for the conference, as well as you have waited the required amount of time following your registration to be included in the registration list. Please reference the registration timeline question above.

Can I access a session from a different computer than the one I registered from? 

You can access a session regardless of the computer you initially registered from by entering your e-mail address in the returning registrant portion of the event login page. However, your e-mail can only be used once. 

Pressing the "Launch Presentation" button does not do anything. 

If you have pop-up blocking software installed and it is active, it may be blocking the presentation console from opening. You may need to temporarily disable the pop-up blocking software to participate in the conference. 

I received a message that the session is not currently available. 

You may see this message due to one of the following reasons: 

  • Verify the time and date of the session to ensure the start time of the event. 
  • The event you are trying to access has concluded but the on-demand version is not yet available.
  • The on-demand version of the session will expire on December 27, 2021.

I receive an "HTTP not found" error message.  

128-bit Encryption is required for your operating system and browser. 

The sound works continuously, but the video freezes. 

This is usually because of network congestion. Try closing out of all other programs on your device and refreshing your browser.

The media player automatically stops, or it continually stops and buffers.

You will want to refresh your browser and ensure that your internet connectivity is at least the minimum connection of 800 Kbps.

Network congestion can occur at any time due to the following problems: 

  • If you are connecting to the internet through a slow connection, or over a congested WiFi or cellular (mobile) network. 
  • If you are connecting to the Internet from a mobile device. 
  • There is heavy traffic on your company network. 
  • To alleviate network congestion, you may want to consider the following: 
    • Upgrading to a faster connection 
    • Minimize the number of applications you are running while accessing the conference  

I cannot hear anything (or the sound is very faint).

Please make sure you have an up to date modern browser, that your speakers are connected, and the volume is turned on by clicking over to an alternate website (like YouTube).   

Verify that your speakers are plugged into the power outlet, turned on and up, and connected to the audio port of the computer. Your speakers or headphones must be plugged into the sound card, not into the sound out jack of the CD-ROM drive. If you still cannot hear any audio, check your system volume settings and the volume on the media player. If your system is properly set-up, then try adjusting the system volume settings: 

  1. Click Start, Settings, and then Control Panel. 
  2. Double-click on the Multimedia Icon. 
  3. On the audio tab, turn up the volume.
  4. If it is grayed out, this is an indication that the system is not configured for sound. 

My computer crashes when I try to access a session.

Verify that your settings meet the minimum event requirements. ON24 is a 100% web-based platform. Google Chrome is the recommended browser for this platform, however since firewall settings and individual systems can vary, the preferred alternative browser is Firefox. A minimum Internet connection of 800 Kbps is recommended for an optimal experience. Try clearing your browser's cache and restart the session.