Diagnostic Assessments

RMA's Diagnostic Assessments are designed for managers or HR professionals at financial institutions who want to answer key questions about their staff's capabilities, including:

  • How will the credit risk management skills of my staff pass muster in this environment?
  • How do I assess the skill level of my staff?
  • Am I making the most of training resources?
  • Is my staff receiving appropriate training for their skill level?

RMA currently has two diagnostic assessments available:

  1. C&I Diagnostic Assessment – provides a powerful, interactive tool for assessing the training needs of lending professionals or risk managers
  2. CRE Diagnostic Assessment – assesses the skills of lending professionals or risk managers particularly in the commercial real estate sector

At the end of these assessments, managers will receive the results of all employees to be able to assess what type of training is necessary for their team to perform at the highest level. RMA can help develop a curriculum based on these results.

To learn more, reach out to your Relationship Manager