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Increase transparency in your credit risk rating activities and reduce process jams

Corporate borrowers, loan officers, and client-facing relationship managers face increasingly complex lending and compliance challenges today and often do not have the appropriate tools or data to analyze them effectively.  

With RMA Dual Risk Rating, an affordable commercial solution is now available. RMA Dual Risk Rating enables banks to evaluate both the borrower and the loan to achieve greater granularity in classifying and managing credit risk - allowing you and your team to have more confidence in your lending. 

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Why Are Banks Moving to RMA Dual Risk Rating?


Affordable yearly subscriptions that are more cost-effective than other similar tools.


We have two flexible deployment options: RMA-hosted web-based platform or embedded in your third-party commercial lending software.

Built by Bankers

We have a deep pool of knowledge among our member banks and we tapped into it to build this tool.

Intelligent Insights

Complete portfolio reports on risk concentrations and the ability to benchmark against other banks.

Reduce loan processing time and increase transparency.

Speak to our experts about your needs and how we can help you and your institution. 

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