e-Statement Studies Cancelation Policy

Your subscription to eStatement Studies commences when you have logged into the product for the first time and have accepted the eStatement Studies license. 

We will allow you to cancel your subscription to eStatement Studies and receive a credit in limited circumstances only during the thirty (30) day period following your subscription and only if you have not downloaded more than three (3) NAICS code industry reports. A downloaded report is either exporting the industry information into an Excel or PDF format.

In order to cancel your subscription, you must provide written notice of cancellation within thirty (30) days after the commencement of your subscription. Your notice must be sent via fax to 215-446-4100, or email to customers@rmahq.org.

No other forms of notice will qualify.  If we do not receive your notice of cancellation by midnight on the thirtieth (30) day, you may not cancel your subscription and the full payment is due to RMA.

We cannot accept cancellations after more than thirty (30) days or if you have downloaded more than three industry reports.  Depending on the number of logins/downloads, certain fees will be applied. 

In the event RMA cancels a subscription for non-payment, a new subscription order must be placed and this subscription would then be considered new and current eStatement Studies pricing will apply.

Please contact RMA’s Customer Care at 800-677-7621 to learn more about the cancellation terms.