Focus on RMA: Josh Mayer, RMA Associate Director of Professional Development, Provides New Free Benefit to Members

Josh Mayer

For financial institutions considering a structured learning curriculum for its credit and lending professionals, RMA now has a dedicated resource in Josh Mayer, Associate Director of Professional Development at RMA. Josh is here to help our members determine their learning needs and seamlessly create a path forward.

Josh brings a combination of commercial banking and Learning & Development (L&D) experience to his unique role at RMA, after having spent over 12 years at Bank of America. Enhancing RMA’s industry-leading capabilities in professional development, Josh’s position was created to focus on financial institutions needing support and perspective straddling both L&D and credit.

Through in-depth consultations, Josh partners with member institutions to gain an understanding of their business objectives, audience, and preferences. This collaboration gives way to a truly needs-based curriculum centered around the member. It also helps to close talent gaps at institutions, which has been identified as a top risk by the Board of RMA.

“I always start with the end in mind---what are you trying to solve for, and how does it tie to your strategic business objectives? This ensures we have the proper focus before getting into questions around the audience, specific learning gaps, sequencing and cadence of a curriculum, etc.”

As an extension of an institution’s team, Josh provides guidance and support for its business units and/or human resources department, many of which can benefit from the extra capacity and credit and L&D expertise. Josh’s goal is to provide credit and lending professionals a structured, targeted way to achieve incremental success in one’s career.

“I love collaborating with our members. The discovery process is really exciting to me, and I use it to help people see how a curriculum can be so much more---a strategic tool, a competitive advantage, a recruitment and retention tool---all of this reveals the true potential and that’s often eye-opening for our members.”

Start a conversation with Josh today. He can be reached at

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