Focus on RMA: Risk Readiness Webinar Series Spring 2020

RMA is excited to introduce the spring 2020 offerings in our webinar series addressing the top challenges facing the financial services industry and providing practical solutions to allow your institution to thrive. Created by risk professionals for risk professionals, this resource continues RMA’s mission of helping your institution manage emerging risks in an increasingly complex market. 

The series features two one-hour webinars every first and third Tuesday of the month on a variety of timely topics. We are currently offering webinars and recording from our fall/winter 2019 series as well as webinars in our spring 2020 series listed below.

MARCH 3 – Moving to Dual Risk Ratings
Despite the advantages of dual risk ratings, the industry has been slow to adopt them due to cost and a lack of resources. But thanks to advances in data availability and technology, that is changing—and just in time to help banks meet the challenging new CECL standard. This webinar will explain dual risk ratings and share best practices on how to deploy and get the most out of them at your institution.

MARCH 17 – The Allure of AI: From Credit Decisioning to Fraud Prevention
Just as it will transform all corners of the economy, AI promises to revolutionize risk management. Learn how artificial intelligence will make risk practices more granular, responsive, and cost-effective—and how it can introduce bias and risks of its own if not deployed properly. 

APRIL 7 – Meeting Consumer Expectations
Find out how customer service in other industries and rapid advances in technology are shaping borrower expectations regarding auto, home, and other lending, and the opportunities and risks this changing landscape presents for financial institutions.

APRIL 21 – Leveraged Lending Update
Join us for the latest expert perspectives on the state of this over $1 trillion market, and what the current risks and opportunities could mean for your institution.

MAY 5 – Partnering with Fintechs
Rather than competing with traditional banks, many financial technology firms have decided to partner with them instead. These unions benefit both sides, allowing banks to offer convenient features, and giving fintechs access to large customer bases quickly. But these partnerships also expose banks to considerable new risks. This session will help banks seek out and manage successful fintech relationships.

MAY 19 – Hire a Hacker?
More and more banks are employing so-called “ethical hackers” to locate the cracks in their cybersecurity frameworks. Learn about what ethical hackers do and the very latest cyber threats to financial institutions in this informative session.

JUNE 2 – Best Practices in Model Validation
As the financial industry becomes increasingly reliant on the use of models, the criticality and cost of reliable model validation grows. This important webinar will share best practices and ideas on making model validation more efficient. 

JUNE 16 – Leaving LIBOR
First announced nearly three years ago, the end of LIBOR as a global benchmark rate—December 31, 2021—is creeping ever closer. Find out what your institution should be doing right now to be ready, and the financial, legal, and reputational risks if you are not.

Receive a 20% discount when registering for two or more webinars. Simply use promotional code RRWS20 when registering online, or by phone at 1-800-677-7621.

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