Focus on RMA: Risk Readiness Webinar Series

Each week, “Focus on RMA” highlights a piece of RMA that makes it valuable to members and the industry. This week, we take a look at the new Risk Readiness Webinar Series.

In an era of constant change, RMA is excited to introduce a new webinar series addressing the top challenges facing the financial services industry and providing practical solutions to allow your institution to thrive. Created by risk professionals for risk professionals, this new resource continues RMA’s mission of helping your institution manage emerging risks in an increasingly complex market. 

Starting November 5, the series will feature two live webinars each month—every first and third Tuesday—on a variety of current topics. The following are the topics of the first eight webinars. Because of the timely nature of this series and our desire to bring you the most relevant content, additional webinars will be announced at a later date.

November 5: Marijuana Mania
By 2024, the cannabis industry is predicted to reach $40 billion annually. Clearly this industry could boost bank profits. But based on the latest legal and regulatory developments, and your own institution’s risk profile, how realistic is the idea of banking marijuana-related businesses? This webinar will discuss the current state of the law regarding marijuana and hemp and will provide an up-to-date description of the most important legislative proposals regarding cannabis, and how those proposals could eliminate or mitigate the risk of banking marijuana-related businesses.

November 19: Climate Change Management
Climate change presents both physical and transitional risks to the assets financed by your financial institution. Physical risks include phenomena like shrinking coastlines and increased risks of crop failure. Transition risks include the possibility that regulatory or marketplace changes will devalue things like oil and cars with internal combustion engines. Find out how to ready your institution for one of the defining issues of our century.

December 3: The CRE Scene
Is your institution prepared to tackle future trends in commercial real estate property? Join us for this session exploring risks to office, multi-family, industrial, and retail real estate throughout the country. The seminar will present forward looking views on economic conditions, identify which market fundamentals most impact the business, and provide tactical insights to properly position your institution’s CRE portfolio in the current low rate environment present in capital markets.

December 17: RegTech and Third-Party Risks
Third party innovations can increase a company’s competitiveness by improving customer satisfaction and retention or spurring growth. Third party innovation can streamline processes, reduce cycle time, and boost profitability. Among the many “hot” innovations that are changing the financial services sector, “RegTech” is one of the hottest. Informed decisions mean that your company’s investments in “RegTech” deliver on what’s promised. But what is “RegTech”? What isn’t it? How can it benefit your company? What are the risks, and how can you control or mitigate them? 

January 7:
Strategies for a Downturn
No one can say when our historically long expansion will end. When it does, though, will your financial institution be ready? From planning to beefing up your workout department to adding loans in industries that weather recessions well, this session will present numerous proven preparedness tips.

January 21: The OCC’s Fall 2019 Semiannual Risk Perspective: Review and Analysis
In this informative session, RMA Regulatory Relations Liaison Bernard Mason outlines the highlights of the just-released bellwether for credit risk and what it means for financial institutions.

February 4: LIBOR’s Final Countdown
Join us for an update on where the international effort to replace the LIBOR benchmark stands, and the latest on what financial institutions must do to prepare for the coming conversion to an alternative reference rate.

February 18: The Benefits of Diversity and How to Achieve It
Studies show that teams with diverse backgrounds offer a wider range of ideas and solutions and are less prone to biases and groupthink. In this session, learn how fellow financial industry practitioners instituted policies, committees, and other efforts to expand their talent pools.  

The accessibility of the webinars allows you to gather as many people in your conference room using your video screen at one affordable price. Recordings of the webinars will be made available after each air date and are also available for purchase.

Receive a 20% discount when registering for two or more webinars. Simply use promotional code RRWS20 when registering online, or by phone at 1-800-677-7621.

Learn more about the Risk Readiness Webinar Series.

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