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Mark Whipple

Global Head of Securities Lending
Boston, MA

Present Job Function: Whipple is the global head of securities lending at Invesco. He joined Invesco in 2019 to manage the firm’s securities lending capabilities. He currently sits on Invesco’s securities lending governance committee and is responsible for the global platform’s oversight.


Previous Employment: Prior to joining Invesco, Whipple co-headed Goldman Sachs’ agency lending business, GSAL. He joined Goldman in 1999, and later relocated to London where he helped establish GSAL’s international presence across the EMEA and Asia-Pacific regions before returning to the U.S.


Education: Whipple earned a BS in finance and marketing from Boston College, Carroll School of Management.


RMA Service:

Chair, Executive Council on Securities Lending

Ex Officio Director, Board of Directors


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