How to Develop Your Personal Brand and Why It Matters

During a recent RMA audio conference, Bert Purdy, Audit Partner at BKD, LLP discussed how professionals can create a personal brand and the importance of doing so for their career. 

Although professionals cannot have complete control over their brand, Purdy emphasized that you can control your actions and attitudes and affect the way others perceive you. This strategy is perhaps most pertinent to your social media presence. Purdy advised that the images and words you post on social media should be consistent with how you would like others to think about you. Your digital footprint should match the experience others have with you in person. A consistent overall experience reflects your value and supports your brand.

Purdy stressed that you are the author of your story and outlined a ten-step process for building your brand:

  1. Find out how you are perceived by others. What do others think about you?
  2. Write a list of what you want people to think about you.
  3. List your long-term goals (i.e., your five- or ten-year plan).
  4. Compare how you would like to be perceived with the goals you have listed. Do they fit together?
  5. Create a personal branding statement, i.e., I am, I help, what is my purpose.
  6. See how your personal statement compares to what others think about you.
  7. Determine actions you need to take so that your personal statement matches the perception of others.
  8. Move on from failures.
  9. Treat brand-building as a marathon—it’s a life-long process.
  10. Understand that as you move through various seasons of life, your personal statement and your goals may change; revise as needed and stay true to yourself.

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