Financial Institution Membership

If your financial institution would like to join RMA, apply for our institutional membership...

Institutional membership with RMA offers a wealth of knowledge and the latest thinking on today's important issues to fuel new ideas. In addition, RMA acts as the conduit between our member institutions and the regulators to provide the latest updates, meeting often with regulators to discuss issues of mutual concern.

The Benefits of a Financial Institution Membership
Member institutions receive the following benefits:

  • Discounts on all RMA events, products, services, and training.
  • Free downloads of RMA's Enterprise Risk Management Workbook Series including:
    • Risk Appetite Workbook.
    • Scenario Analysis and Stress Testing Workbook for Community Banks.
    • Governance & Policies Workbook.
    • Risk Measurement, Evaluation, and Communication Workbook New
  • Complimentary copy of RMA's Annual Statement Studies®, upon request, as well as eligibility to submit financial statements which compiles the Annual Statement Studies data.
  • Free Board Briefings Recorded web Seminars - Designed specifically for directors to get up to speed with enterprise risk management.
  • Quality training and peer-sharing opportunities.

The following organizations are eligible to apply for institutional membership:

  • Financial institutions, private and governmental, active in lending, identifying enterprise risks and other aspects of risk management, and providing related financial services.
  • Agencies and authorities responsible for the supervision and regulation of such financial institutions, and other government and quasi-government administrations and entities that regularly deal with such financial institutions in connection with such activities;
  • Other organizations, private and governmental, that are not financial institutions but whose primary functions and activities in enterprise risk and risk identification and management closely parallel those of financial institutions.

Senior Associate
The Senior Associate is our primary contact, and the key to the continuous support of RMA objectives and activities. Where practical, your institution should appoint as its Senior Associate, the senior risk management officer, the chief executive officer, or individuals having significant management responsibility.

The Senior Associate should 1) participate in Headquarters' and local chapter activities; 2) be responsible for disseminating educational materials and notices of RMA activities to the proper people within the institution; 3) oversee the institution's participation in RMA surveys, studies, and competitions, including RMA's Annual Statement Studies program and its other periodic data gathering and market-research surveys; and 4) cast the institution's vote in RMA matters and be known throughout the institution as its spokesperson in RMA matters.

Alternate Associate
The Alternate Associate temporarily assumes the responsibilities of the Senior Associate if that position becomes vacant. This person should be of senior stature.

Associate members of member institutions receive additional benefits, including:

  • RMA Xchange - An exclusive online community where RMA members can engage in real-time discussions and share information with other members.
  • Preferred pricing for associate members - The best discounts on all RMA events, training, products, and services.
  • The RMA Journal®
    • Digital version - Enjoy online access to the Journal.
    • Downloadable articles - Access easy-to-download Journal articles from the archives.
    • The RMA Journal On the Go - Our mobile app brings you Journal content wherever you are in a format that's customizable and easy to read on your smart phone or tablet.
  • Free downloads of RMA's Enterprise Risk Management Workbook Series including:
    • Risk Appetite Workbook.
    • Scenario Analysis & Stress Testing Workbook for Community Banks.
    • Governance & Policies Workbook.
    • Risk Measurement, Evaluation, and Communication Workbook. New
  • Free downloads of Study Packs - Highly focused compilations addressing critical issues in credit risk, operational risk, and market risk.
  • Free recorded Web seminars on a variety of topics.
  • RMA's Professional Member Directory - Proprietary listings of RMA Professional Members who provide services such as accounting, legal, and real estate.
  • Surveys and Studies - RMA undertakes several timely and thought leading studies and surveys, such as the Risk Appetite Survey.
  • Access to local chapter network meetings and events.
  • Career development/leadership and networking opportunities.

Detailed Dues Information

Institutional Dues
(Fiscal Year 2020-2021)

RMA institutional dues for national and state banks, bank holding companies, Edge Act and Agreement Corporations, trust companies, savings banks and loan associations, private banks or bankers engaged in a general banking business, farm credit banks and associations, banks for cooperatives, economic/industrial development corporations, foreign banks, and U.S. or Canadian branches or agencies of foreign banks, are based on a sliding scale of total assets as of December 31.

Bank Supervision/regulation agencies and government entities engaged in lending or loan guaranties (such as the Small Business Administration) may join at $75 per Associate. A free copy of the Annual Statement Studies® is not included with this type of membership.

Foreign banks and nonbank financial institutions should contact RMA at 215-446-4150 for specific information about dues.

Associate Dues
Institutional dues cover one Senior Associate and one Alternate Associate per system (whether unit, branch, or holding company). The dues for all additional Associate members are $75 (each) per year.

Dues Scale / Proration of Dues/Refund Policy
Dues are not transferable or refundable. The RMA fiscal year is September 1 through August 31. The dues for new institutions joining RMA are prorated in equal twelfths from September 1 through May 31. From June 1, prorated dues for the current fiscal year AND full dues for the upcoming fiscal year will be charged. This dues billing policy also pertains to Associate dues.

Although dues cover the period September 1, 2020 through August 31, 2021 dues are computed based on December 31, 2019 total assets. If a holding company acquires a financial institution between January 1, 2020 and August 31, 2021 or a financial institution merges with another financial institution during that period, the December 31, 2019 assets of the acquired (merged) institution will be included in computing the institutional dues, and the dues will be adjusted accordingly.

Institutional Dues
(Fiscal Year, 2020-2021)

RMA's dues scale can be found in this chart

Apply today - here's how:

Complete the online application process. If you would like to check first to see if your institution is already a RMA member, please email us at

Email your application (PDF) to

Fax your application (PDF) to RMA at 215-446-4100.

Send your application (PDF) with your check or credit card information to:

RMA Member Services
1801 Market Street, Suite 300
Philadelphia, PA 19103

All applications submitted will be reviewed by RMA's membership committee to ensure your organization qualifies for RMA membership. Please anticipate a one week turnaround period from submission to determine eligibility.

Contact Membership Department
Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET
Phone: 800-677-7621, press 1