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Kyle Gansauer, CRC

When I first attended an event hosted by RMA, I was an associate member of the credit team at PNB. Now, I manage a team and lead the risk management function at my institution. My first professional leadership experience was afforded me when I assumed the chairman role of the chapter’s Young Professional Committee. This early experience in conducting meetings, organizing agendas, planning events, etc. has proven invaluable as my career has transitioned into a management capacity at the bank, where responsibilities include conducting meetings, organizing committee agendas, etc.

< p>While my team at the bank is not organizing happy hours and the my target audience has changed, the role of leading a process and people is similar. I worked as a team member with senior banking executives and professionals where I observed interpersonal and professional norms, an opportunity that would not typically fall upon a recent graduate with less than five years of experience. I am grateful for the opportunity through the local chapter leadership roles that have accelerated my career path.

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Credit Risk Management

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