Member Benefits

Join the RMA community.

Membership with RMA provides unique resources, industry information, and a community of like-minded professionals, all of which are essential for managing today's economic challenges.

Please view the following video from RMA's President and CEO, Nancy Foster and several of our members.

Opportunities to Grow

In addition to a free subscription to The RMA Journal® and discounts on all RMA events, products, services, and training, membership also provides countless networking opportunities and exposure to the industry's key decision makers and managers. RMA’s local and national events keep you up to date on industry trends and issues while allowing you to meet new people and swap successes with peers.

Becoming a member also gives you a voice in the industry. A forum to share your ideas and have them valued is extremely satisfying and beneficial for your professional growth.

Members also have access to:

  • The Member Forum on the RMA Xchange, an exclusive online community for real-time discussions with other members.
  • Free Web Seminars On Demand on a variety of topics.
  • Free downloads of RMA's Enterprise Risk Management Workbook Series. 
  • Updates on industry best practices.
  • Career development/leadership and networking opportunities.
  • Free downloads of Journal articles and Industry Study Packs.

    Who Can Join RMA?

    The following entities are eligible for membership: banks, bank holding companies, savings banks, savings and loans, private banks, trust companies, investment banks, finance companies, economic development corporations, leasing companies, governmental agencies responsible for the supervision and regulation of RMA member institutions, and professional firms that provide services related to risk management to financial institutions. Individual membership is open to all personnel involved in lending and risk management in member organizations.

    Learn more about RMA's membership types and how to become a member.

    Membership Types