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  • Reset4Value:  Four Unconventional Actions for Insurers to Improve Growth by Hector S. Nelson, Vlad Gil, and Danny Ludeman Jr.
    COVID-19 has created massive upheaval but also unique opportunities to maximize value and refocus the growth trajectory in insurance.

  • Think CustomerFirst by Rick Chavez, Paul Ricard, Michael Moloney, Michael Keany, Taddy Hall, and Stephen Kerr
    Over the past year, C-suite executives across all industries have had to think carefully about balancing "the desire to reimagine the business for the long-term and the need to remain disciplined and profitable in the short-term”. For insurers in particular, striking the right balance is critical to the industry’s future.

  • Climate Transition and the Fed by Douglas J. Elliott, Oliver Wyman
    The Federal Reserve Board (Fed) will substantially elevate the priority of climate-related risk in its regulations and supervision going forward. This paper explores the implications.

  • Social Justice, Financial Regulation, and the Biden Administration by Douglas J. Elliott, Aaron Fine, Tammi Ling and Allen Meyer, Oliver Wyman
    Social justice was a key campaign theme for President Joe Biden. There is every reason to believe this theme will be applied to financial regulation as it is to many other areas. This paper explores the key implications of this focus and how financial institutions can be well prepared to meet these changing expectations.

  • Financial Regulation Post-Inauguration by Douglas J. Elliott, Oliver Wyman
    January brought us major political developments and more information about the policies of the Biden Administration. The impact on financial regulation, however, should be substantially smaller than for many other policy areas.

  • Future of Finance Series: Improve Financial Planning and Analysis by John Thompson and Pippa Black, Oliver Wyman
    As Finance becomes a stronger advisor to the business, companies are reimagining traditional approaches to financial planning and analysis (FP&A). Today, it’s becoming more common for FP&A and Strategy to have a greater common ground, tying the strategic plan to a forward-looking budget and planning process.