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19th Handelsblatt Annual Conference

Handelsblatt Conference EBR - European Banking Regulation 2018

Meet European and national supervisors, banks and associations on our HANDELSBLATT European Banking Regulation Annual conference from 19 to 21 November 2018, in Frankfurt at the Jumeirah hotel. The spotlight will be put on European and national regulation issues, regulation topics arising from direct and indirect supervision and on the pending changes relating to Basel, CRD V and CRR II. Come and discuss with renowned experts from the ECB, EBA, SRB, European Parliament, German Bundesbank, BaFin and representatives of the credit industry and associations about the latest regulation issues. Find out all the relevant information about banking supervision from first-hand sources for your practical implementation.

Date: November 19 – 21 2018

Location: Jumeirah Frankfurt, Thurn-und-Taxis-Platz 2, 60313 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Register here: http://www.euroforum.de/sc/0K83QQ0ND?code={D1801609}

Website: http://www.euroforum.de/sc/PD1QKB0WU?code={D1801609}

Programm: http://www.euroforum.de/sc/8MQK1TFH8?code={D1801609}

The RMA in Europe

In the United States and Canada the RMA is a household name in the banking industry. In the risk management arena, we are the premier organisation for training, round tables, conferences, and peer sharing.

Building upon our considerable success in North America we are expanding our offerings in Europe, focusing on open enrollment courses, programmes for future leaders and invitation-only round tables where senior bankers can share their thoughts with their peers on key aspects of risk management which are of significance to all.

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RMA Round Tables in Europe

Each year, the RMA runs several invitation-only round tables in Europe for senior risk management executives in the banking sector. These events are moderated by the RMA, have carefully constructed agendas, are subject to Chatham House Rules, and involve no more than 20 invited participants. We also bring in high-caliber outside speakers to address round table participants on specific topics.   

In the Autumn of 2018 we will be running the following roundtables in Europe:

  • European Market and Counterparty Risk Management Round Table – London – 8 Nov. 2018
  • European Credit and Risk Management Round Table – Paris – 13 Nov. 2018
  • European Country/Sovereign Risk Management Round Table – Paris – 15 Nov. 2018  

Should you require any information about these round tables, please contact the RMA's European representative, Steve Shaw, who will be pleased to provide this. 

We also partner from time to time with organizations such as Deloitte, KPMG and Teneo Intelligence to run one-off round tables on topics which are of current interest to risk management executives.

Industry Surveys

The RMA is very active in the arena of financial industry surveys on topics of broad importance and significance to industry participants. These surveys are among the most in-depth available, and we are proud that we are consistently able to have the world's leading banks take part.


For the following types of enquiry please contact our senior European representative (see contact details below):

  • Details about forthcoming RMA events in Europe (round tables, RMA workshops at the BBA, executive education programmes run in conjunction with Cass).

  • In-house training opportunities.

  • Media partnerships

  • Advertising in or submitting editorial for our monthly in-house publication The RMA Journal®.

Note: all RMA membership enquiries should be directed to RMA Member Services in Philadelphia, U.S.A. as follows:

By phone: 215-446-4150

By fax: 215-446-4100

By email: member@rmahq.org