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RMA Ignite FAQs



In-progress modules will be reset. We encourage you to complete any in-progress modules and associated assessments by August 15, 2022 to avoid losing progress when we move to the new platform.

When RMA Ignite goes live, will I be able to access my complete course work?

Completion records will appear in your transcript on RMA Ignite for any courses that you have completed in the past three years.  Courses purchased and completed within the last year will be accessible for review in RMA Ignite.

If I don’t finish a course, what will happen to the work I’ve done?

Your course will be reset to the beginning of the module you are working on.

Why is RMA making this change and how will it benefit me? 

Our goal is to improve your user experience. RMA Ignite will give you updated usability—  to include a personalized interface with comprehensive reporting and tracking, and a centralized repository for learning development offerings. 

When and how can I log into RMA Ignite and start using it?

You will be able to log into RMA Ignite in early September. Please watch for email updates and postings on the FAQ page.