RMA’s Statement of Support for Equal Justice

I attended my first march protesting racial injustice in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 2014. This was following the death of Eric Garner, whose life was ended by a police officer despite the repeated plea, “I can’t breathe.” Garner’s words haunted me, while the resulting protests and activism provided hope that, at long last, there would be change. 

Recently we have seen, however, that nothing has changed. The murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd bring to light the systemic bias and racism that has disenfranchised Black Americans for over 400 years. It is difficult to fathom that we live in a society where racism still destroys the dreams of countless Black Americans. We must acknowledge this disheartening truth, and do everything in our power to oppose racism wherever we encounter it. 

I had felt hopeless about our nation’s commitment to change until the outpouring of support for the Black community from corporate and civic leaders, and ordinary citizens of every age and demographic, in the past week. 

NOW is the time for true and lasting change. I pledge to do my part and encourage you to do your part as well to eradicate systemic racism.  

Together, let’s end it now.

Nancy J. Foster
President & CEO
The Risk Management Association