Securities Lending

Securities Lending provides products and services to The Risk Management Association member institutions involved in agent lending functions within the securities-based lending industry. We host several round table peer-sharing events, two major conferences, three industry training programs, and one major forum.

As an industry leader in providing securities lending conferences and round tables, The Risk Management Association is proud to represent the financial services industry and bank regulatory agencies, acting as a liaison for member institutions as they manage new legal and regulatory requirements in this ever-changing economy.

In support of that role, The Risk Management Association has created several councils and committees—including the Securities Lending Council and the Securities Lending Operations Group—to promote sound lending practices among its members and the industry.

RMA's Securities Lending Council issues its Quarterly Aggregate Composite, exclusive to our website; it is the only composite of its kind. Provided by multiple financial institutions, the survey data is presented for primary lending markets worldwide with cash-collateral reinvestment data aggregated to reflect reinvestment return, interest-rate sensitivity, liquidity, credit tiering, and instrument types for both U.S. dollar and euro currency collateral.

The Risk Management Association Securities Lending Operations Group works on initiatives to improve the operations segment in the industry. The group has partnered with SIFMA and ISLA in reviewing various aspects of operations to enhance and promote good, sound operating procedures for both lenders and broker-dealers. Currently, the group is working on several topics including third party best practices, operation surveys, and corporate actions. Joint initiatives with SIFMA are billing payment timeline and reconciliation, contract compare, and recall/buy-ins.

Stay Protocol

Learn more about the ISDA Resolution Stay Protocol with background information and resources for beneficial owners, agents, and borrowers.

Latin America Securities Finance User Guide 2019

EquiLend and RMA have joined forces with domestic and international market participants active in Latin America to produce the first-annual Latin America Securities Finance User Guide, the most robust document of its kind ever produced for the securities finance market.

Upcoming RMA Securities Lending Events  

Annual RMA Securities Finance and Collateral Management Conference

  • 37th Annual Securities Finance & Collateral Management Conference
    October 12-15, 2020
    The Ritz Carlton, Amelia Island
    Amelia Island, FL

  • 38th Annual Securities Finance & Collateral Management Conference
    October 11-14, 2021
    The Ritz-Carlton, Naples
    Naples, FL

    PASLA/RMA Conference on Asian Securities Lending

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    Please note: The dates and locations for future conferences are provided for your information only. Hotel group reservations will not be available at any hotel before RMA's official release date.

    Past Conference & Forum Summaries and Presentations

    RMA Conference on Securities Lending

    PASLA/RMA Conference on Asian Securities Lending

    RMA/UNC Academic Forum for Securities Lending Research

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