Small Business Lending Decision Process

How can your credit professionals and sales associates differentiate your institution in the competition for quality relationships?

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RMA's Small Business Lending Decision Process, one of the online courses in the suite of interactive, Web-based training solutions, provides the essential training required to help your institution generate more business and grow your small business portfolio.

The course's approach is grounded in helping you understand the needs of small businesses and in providing the skills that will differentiate your institution from the hordes of others who are competing for the same high quality relationships.

The Small Business Lending Decision Process offers a self-paced learning environment that establishes a methodology for understanding the business, industry, and management. Then the course gets at the heart of the financial information and shows you how to pull it all together fast and effectively. The approach also considers the client's request, borrowing causes, and unique situation in order to make a win-win lending decision.

Designed with a "learn, observe, apply" approach, the Small Business Lending Decision Process uses a recurring case study to illustrate how the business situation develops over time and the challenges presented at various points of the loan life cycle. It empowers you to ask for and get the right information, so you can articulate your solution to the client's needs with confidence.

The Small Business Lending Decision Process complements our award-winning Lending Decision Process, which has been widely embraced by banks as the optimal training and sales solution for larger, more complex, commercial and industrial credit analysis and by the sales associates responsible for this segment.

Credit Risk Certification: 15 CEUs

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