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David Stone

Operational Risk Manager

David is a Senior Operational Risk Manager at Zions Bancorporation. He has over 25 years of experience designing and implementing risk management frameworks, strengthening risk governance programs, and transforming risk and business processes to enhance risk management, customer experience, efficiency, and profitability

Currently, David is working with Zions leaders across the 3 lines of defense to design and deploy a Business Process Management Framework (BPMF) and roll-out an enhanced Risk and Control Self-Assessment (RCSA) program across Zions’ critical processes.   David is also working to bolster Zions’ Operational Risk Management Control Program, including testing and validation.  Prior to joining Zions, David worked as a Director at KPMG where he led teams to strengthen risk management frameworks and governance at leading global and regional financial institutions.  Before KPMG David led roles in the 1st and 2nd lines of defense at JPMorgan Chase, American Express, Wells Fargo and Zions Bancorporation to strengthen risk management and business processes. 

David has supported The Risk Management Association (RMA) for 20 years including founding RMA’s Operational Risk Management Discussion Group and conducting global benchmarking to identify leading operational risk management practices and trends. 

 Professional Experience 

  • Heightened Regulatory Expectations: Lead teams to strengthen ERM/ORM’s contribution business strategic planning and performance through effective risk management governance and execution in support of OCC/FRB Heightened Standards/EPS, and other safety and soundness initiatives. 
  • Enterprise Risk Management: Lead teams to deploy practical, value-driven approaches to risk appetite, risk committee structures, three lines of defense frameworks, risk identification and assessment, metrics, control testing, issues management, and peer bank and scenario analysis to support business, risk management and regulatory expectations.  
  • Risk Appetite: Assist teams to enhance their risk appetite statements and quantitative and qualitative measures of appetite across risk types, align appetite with firm strategy and cascade thresholds across and within entities. 
  • Risk Assessment and Control Convergence: Assist teams to converge risk assessment and control testing processes, taxonomies, rating approaches and tools/systems to drive efficiencies and enhance risk management and reporting.  
  • Business Process Transformation: Led analysis to increase business process efficiency by 30+% addressing people, processes, systems, and third parties.  
  • Industry Risk Management Benchmarking: Designed/deployed KPMG/RMA’s ORM Excellence–Global Heightened Practices Survey to 85 firms including 20+ GSIBs across North America, Europe, and Asia to provide benchmarking on leading ORM practices, enhanced business value, and regulatory expectations.