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Eric Cahn

Managing Director, Internal Audit Strategy, Methodology, and Tools
JP Morgan Chase

Eric Cahn is a Senior Audit Director within JPMorgan Chase’s Internal Audit department.  From 2016 until September 2021, Eric led Internal Audit Practices’ Strategy, Methodology and Tools (SMT) team where he was responsible for JPMC’s audit methodology framework and primary audit applications.  He currently leads audit coverage of Community and Consumer Banking (CCB) and Commercial Banking (CB) risk management and finance. In more than 20 years in JPMC Internal Audit, Eric has had audit responsibility for capital markets valuation and finance, corporate finance, human resources, real estate, procurement, third party oversight, corporate security and investigations, and corporate treasury.  Prior to joining JPMC, he was a Senior Client Advisor at Greenwich Associates where he ran a research team responsible for administering, analyzing and reporting the Greenwich Survey for large corporate banks in Europe and Asia.