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Kort Brown

Executive Vice President and Treasurer
Bank United

Kort Brown is Executive Vice President and Treasurer at BankUnited, NA located in Miami, Florida.  Kort has held the position of Treasurer since 2011 and is primarily responsible for managing the Company’s Interest Rate Risk, Liquidity, and loan and deposit pricing.  Additionally, Kort is a voting member of the Company’s Asset and Liability and Deposit Pricing Committees and plays a senior role in the management of the Company’s Investment Securities, Wholesale Funding, and Derivatives portfolios.  Prior to becoming Treasurer, Kort held the roles of Assistant Treasurer, Investment Portfolio & Wholesale Funding Manager, and Asset and Liability Manager.  Before coming to BankUnited, Kort was a Product Specialist for IPS-Sendero in Atlanta, GA and a Fixed Income Analyst for Morgan Keegan in Memphis, TN.  Kort graduated with a B.S. in Managerial Economics from Hampden-Sydney College in Hampden-Sydney, VA and holds a M.S. in Finance from Florida International University located in Miami, FL.