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Marc Sabino

Head of Innovation IA

Marc was appointed Chief Auditor - Head of Innovation for Audit, Citigroup in August 2017. He is responsible for the Internal Audit Innovation Team, which includes the strategic vision of an Innovation Strategy to support the mission of drive positive change and be a game changer in the industry.  Marc leads a team that identifies and executes innovation, automation opportunities and performs data analytics to drive insights and operational efficiency.  

Previously, Marc was in Citi Productivity as the Head of Business Intelligence and Analytics and the Head of Human Capital Reporting and Analytics responsible for driving Citi’s analytics strategy with a focus on how the organization can better use data and technology solutions to manage revenue, employees, HR processes, banker and branch productivity, recruiting, diversity, and more.  A significant component of this role focused on new and emerging technology to drive outcomes.

Marc originally joined Citigroup in April 1992 with Finance.  His 25-year career at Citigroup has included Senior Municipal Derivatives Trader, Municipals CAO, CTO and In-business Risk Manager.   Also, Marc was the Planning and Analysis Lead for Citi Markets and Securities Services.  

Marc’s professional experience has focused on significant business and process transformation within the financial services industry; with the delivery of large projects, process re-engineering and innovation.  Given the breadth and depth of the areas and projects Marc has worked on he has significant experience of all financial products, functions and processes.  

Prior to joining Citi, Marc was the senior Product Control lead at Lehman.

Marc received his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Drew University.