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Michael DeNicola

Special Agent Cyber Division

Special Agent Michael DeNicola joined the FBI in 2015.  After completing training, SA DeNicola was assigned to the Cyber Division in the New York field office where he has investigated financially motivated cyber-crimes for about the past 5 years.  During that time, SA DeNicola has investigated a number of different cyber-criminal activities, including the hack of a major financial institution and subsequent theft of data, the operation of an unlicensed cryptocurrency exchange, and the development of various exploit kits that are made available for purchase and use by other would-be cyber criminals.  SA DeNicola is also currently pursuing a Masters degree in Cybersecurity at Fordham University.  Prior to joining the FBI, SA DeNicola worked in the logistics and distribution field focusing on process improvement and optimization during which time he graduated law school and obtained a license to practice law in the state of Ohio.