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Community Bank – Cyber Risk Package

“Best of GCOR,” This year GCOR featured 4 streams of programming – Emerging Risk, Operational Risk & Governance, Culture, and Operational Resiliency.  RMA has developed a very special “Best of GCOR,” package for our community bank members to access.  Bank profitability—which is challenged by credit quality concerns, significant asset growth in low-yielding assets, weak loan demand, and other factors—has emerged as a significant strategic risk. In recent years, banks have mitigated this strategic risk through cost cutting, partnering with fintechs, and engaging in M&A transactions—whether as a buyer or seller.  RMA has included two of the most popular GCOR sessions – partnering with fintechs and Risk Management Considerations M&A transactions -- in this Best Of GCOR package for community banks.  Another significant emerging risk that will emerge over the coming months is the risk of PPP litigation.  This session presented by Andrew Goldstein, Esq., a former federal prosecutor, who will help banks to prepare now for coming PPP litigation.  Since banks have been operating in the pandemic for more than a year, it’s important to take stock of lessons learned and prepare for employees to return to facilities in this “new normal.”  The Best of GCOR bundle also includes lessons learned from the pandemic, as well as guidance for return to facilities for those banks whose employees have been working remotely.