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Cybersecurity & Third-Party Risk Management Bundle

Cybersecurity and third-party risk were identified by RMA members as top risks they are being faced with. Regulators continue paying attention to those areas. In the recent Semiannual Risk Perspective report (Spring 2021) prepared by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency’s, operational risk remains elevated. The focus remains on cybersecurity, innovation and adoption of new products and services, and third-party risk management. Over the course of this fiscal, RMA addressed those two risks within webinars. We have combined related content (five 1-hour sessions) into a bundle for you.  Individual descriptions for all 5 webinars are below.

Summer Webinar Bundle: Ransomware: Cyber And Regulatory Concerns -

Summer Webinar Bundle: Preparing for Open Banking -

Summer Webinar Bundle: Hire a Hacker -

Summer Webinar Bundle: De-Risking Third Party Concentration Risk -

Summer Webinar Bundle: A Risk Management Framework for Managing Fintech Partnerships & Third-Party Relationships -