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BAI and RMA have merged!

Moving forward, for the good of our members, customers and the industry, BAI and RMA will be stronger together as ProSight Financial Association.


We are pleased to announce that the merger of BAI and RMA is complete. This is an exciting time for our members and customers and an impactful change for the financial services industry. 

This strategic combination brings together BAI’s strength in serving the retail banking and regulatory compliance functions and RMA’s strength in serving the commercial banking and risk management functions. Joining forces enhances our ability to support you at a time when the industry is challenged to meet changing customer needs, adopt new technologies and manage more complex risk and compliance issues. 

As we planned the merger, we recognized the importance of honoring and building on the rich histories of BAI and RMA. At the same time, we wanted to select a new name that signifies the enhanced value the combined organization will deliver. We are happy to share that our new name is ProSight Financial Association. It’s a fitting name for our stronger and more capable organization. “Pro” refers to the proactive, professional way we support the industry. “Sight” signifies our foresight as an organization and the important insights we provide financial services leaders.

While we are excited about our new name and this larger organization, for the near future, we will continue to do business as BAI and RMA. See below for FAQs, and reach out to your Relationship Manager with any questions that may not be covered.

You can learn more about the current offerings from BAI and RMA here: 



Do we need to change our payments or contracts to ProSight?

No, we are continuing to do business as BAI and RMA at this time.

Does the merger change how I work with you today?

Not at all. You’ll continue to work with us as you do today, and our business arrangements will be carried out exactly as before. There is no change in phone numbers, email addresses or websites at this time. We will keep you posted if anything changes operationally.

Are there any immediate changes to BAI or RMA products or programs?

No, there are no immediate changes in what is currently offered via the legacy organizations. We will provide updates on any product or program related changes.

Are there any changes to my existing RMA Membership?

No, there are no immediate changes to existing RMA Memberships or new BAI-related benefits.

Do you have a new website?

Not yet. You can find everything you need on our current websites – &

Do you have a new Board of Directors?

Yes, we have a passionate, diverse Board of Directors comprised of senior bank executives from the legacy BAI and RMA Boards. 



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