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How nCino Enables Bankers to Perform Better Industry Analysis with Annual Statement Studies Data

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For over 100 years, banks and other financial institutions have relied on RMA’s Annual Statement Studies to provide trusted industry benchmarking data that helps them make better, more informed lending decisions. With so much of the financial services industry running on digital technology today, many software providers have integrated Statement Studies data into their systems to help their customers access the benchmarking information they need directly in their day-to-day workflows.

Read our Q&A with nCino, “the worldwide leader in cloud banking,” to learn how the company has embedded Statement Studies data in its widely used nCino Bank Operating System®.

RMA: First, tell us more about the appeal of RMA’s Statement Studies data for nCino and your customers.

nCino: The data from the RMA is compiled voluntarily by RMA members’ borrowers’ financial statements and helps our customers – from large enterprise financial institutions to community banks and credit unions –take advantage of an enormous amount of valuable data that would otherwise not be available to them, or be costly to acquire and maintain. By leveraging this RMA benchmarking data, financial institutions can create more detailed Credit Memos for loan decisioning that allow credit approvers to better understand not just the customer, but the market in which that customer operates.

RMA: At a high level, how do nCino customers access the RMA Annual Statement Studies data?

nCino: nCino customers (i.e., financial institutions) have access to the Annual Statement Studies data readily available within nCino’s spreading functionality contained in the nCino Bank Operating System. This allows analysts to easily compare financial data from a client (i.e., borrower) to industry benchmarks to drive higher quality decisions.

RMA: How does an end user utilize the nCino Bank Operating System in order to access the Statement Studies data? 

nCino: For nCino customers, accessing the RMA data set is as easy as clicking the RMA tab when in nCino Spreads, which will promptly display, for the analyst, a side-by-side comparison of the key values and ratios for that specific entity with the industry benchmark data based on the entity’s specific NAICS code. In this way, it is both efficient and intuitive for users to include industry analysis as part of every underwriting workflow.

RMA: Finally, based on your knowledge of competing data offerings, why did nCino choose to partner with RMA for benchmarking data?

nCino: The RMA data represents a trusted industry benchmarking tool across the financial services landscape and the fact that data is collected across a variety of institutions and standardized in a user-friendly manner made the RMA an easy choice to offer our joint customers.

Learn More About RMA’s Statement Studies Industry Benchmarking Data

RMA Annual Statement Studies is the only source of comparative industry benchmarking data that comes directly from the financial statements of small and medium-size business clients of RMA’s member institutions. For over 100 years, financial services professionals have relied on this data to make better credit and lending decisions. The data is available via book, individual download, or digitally through eStatement Studies and eMentor, RMA’s self-service platform providing access to a multitude of industry research and training resources.

Shea Scarpa

As Manager, Business Solutions, Shea Scarpa Gardner is responsible for the daily promotion, production, distribution, and support of the Annual Statement Studies product. Prior to managing RMA’s flagship product, Shea worked in RMA’s Finance Department as an Accounts Receivable Representative. Shea holds a B.S. in Finance from the Rutgers School of Business.